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 Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Dom 29 Jan - 0:02:14

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O next chap deve ser tipo


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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Seg 30 Jan - 22:45:35

Chapter 3 – Something is changing

A whole week went by and Key seemed to don’t mind him anymore, both boys returning to their casual friendship. It felt good, he sure was missing it! The band felt pretty relieved and the thick tension left the apartment.

“Lee Taemin! I told you not to leave your clothes all over the bathroom! Come here!” Key’s voice came from the bathroom and the maknae flinched, giggling to himself.

Onew gave him an apprehensive look and nodded. “You better go. He did warn you last time.”

Today they had been in the studio recording, so they came back home at normal hours. No stress, no lack of sleep, and no cheap, tasteless food.
Key had made them lasagna and the group couldn’t be more thrilled. Minho was playing a videogame with Jonghyun and Onew was on the armchair, with his glasses on, reading a book.

Jonghyun bit his lip, his eyes focused on his red car on the screen. “AH! I win!”

Minho stood up, frowning. “No way! Let’s do it again! Re-match!”

Jonghyun let go of the controller and waved negatively. “Nah, I think I’m going to sleep.”

“You just don’t want to lose this time!” Minho pointed a finger to him, daring his friend once more.

“You won the other times!!! Aren’t you satisfied yet?” Jonghyun laughed. “Unbelievable!”

“I think I’m going to my room too, my back is aching.” Onew pouted, closing his book on his lap.

“You sound like a grandpa!” Jonghyun commented, standing up while Minho cleaned up the mess they made on the floor with the chips. Better not to leave anything dirt, Key could be scary towards a dirty floor.

“Again with the age jokes…” Onew sulked. “You’re just a year below me you know?”

Taemin and Key returned from the bathroom. The maknae had his dirty clothes in his arms and he soon disappeared from sight again, probably going to put them to wash. Key could be a real mother; he always scolded everyone for leaving their dirty clothes around.

“It aches? Need a massage?” Key asked worriedly, squeezing Onew’s shoulders from behind the armchair.

“Ah yes, It would be great.” The leader smiled and relaxed against Key’s delicate hands.

Minho chuckled. “You guys totally look like an old couple now.”

Jonghyun flinched to the idea. Key was wearing his pink apron, just like his own mother did back at home; Onew had his glasses on and had an exhausted face, making him look slightly older. They did look like an old couple.
Onew laughed. “Key’s my wife now?”

Jonghyun rolled his eyes in annoyance. For some reason this conversation was slowly pissing him off.

“I’m no one’s wife. Now get your skinny ass from the sofa and go to your room. I’ll give you a backrub. Your muscles are really tense.” Key said, undressing his apron and walking to the kitchen.

Onew nodded and stood up, wishing them a good night before walking away.

“Good night hyung.” Minho replied. When Jonghyun said nothing, the taller boy glanced at him. “You okay?”

Jonghyun nodded, his eyes burying holes on Onew’s back as the other entered his room and left his door open for Key.
He felt…angry.
Why was Key so generous with Jinki? He was the only one that received massages from the him…! Sometimes he would do it to Taemin too, but geez, he was like his son right? Why was he…
Jonghyun stopped thinking to think what he was thinking. Was he jealous? Of Jinki?
No, couldn’t be.
He shook his head. He was just stressed.

Taemin returned to the room with a sigh and then smiled. “Minho hyung! Let’s play a game!”

“Yeah! At least someone is brave enough to compete with me! Ready to lose?” Minho grabbed his controller once again, looking way too cheerful. Jonghyun rolled his eyes and smiled, the rapper could be such a dork when he wanted to.

“Yah! Don’t be mean to me! I’m not that good in that game! I’ll pick other one!” Taemin sat down, taking a remote.

“Boys, don’t stay up too late! We have to wake up early in the morning.” Key commented, walking past them. “Good night.”

“Good night umma!” Teamin shouted. “Ah! I want this one! Can we play this?”

“I’m going to sleep too. Good night.” Jonghyun said, leaving to his room, next to Jinki’s.

The short, muscular boy exhaled loudly, undressed and put on his pajamas. He ignored the groans from the next room. Was Jinki doing this on purpose?! Was he testing him?

Jonghyun made an angry sound with his throat and picked up his camera and earplugs.
This was the first time in a week that he had the time to see the rest of that goddamned tape and this time everyone was busy and ready to sleep afterwards, so no one would disturb him.
He got inside the sheets and sat up, putting the earplugs on his ears.
Bring it on.

He replayed the last scenes, his cheeks warming up when he saw them again. He had to admit…this tape was addictive. He felt weird when he saw it…but a good weird.
“You’re mine right?”
“Yes…! Ah!”

Yes, he was interrupted in this part.
Getting comfortable against his pillow, his eyes focused on the small camera’s screen.

“Guys, this is getting hot. I need to have a copy of this.” Dongho’s voice came from behind the camera.

That perverted maknae! And he had thought he was innocent!

“Dongho! We’re back, we’re going to leave.”

The camera turned to priest Minho and Teamin carrying a very drunk Onew. “Not now! This is getting so good!”

“Oh! They’re still making me a sibling? I want a sister!” Taemin jumped in excitement, moving closer to the kissing couple, trying to get a better look. “I want a sister umma!”

Key chuckled and Jonghyun hugged him closer, smiling to the maknae. “I’ll see what I can do back at home, Tae.”

Key laughed out loud and hit Jonghyun playfully on the chest. ”Babo!”

Jonghyun grinned and moved to his previous task, making Key squirm.
Onew’s eyes widened and he ran to the kissing couple, separating them. “Guuuuuuys! What are you doing?!”

“What the hell Jinki!” Jonghyun held Key closer to his chest, protecting him from the astonished leader.

“You’re kissing!” Onew pointed out the obvious, throwing his hands on the air dramatically, his mouth dropping to the floor.

“We know that you idiot.” Key smirked, tilting his head to the side, giving Jonghyun full access to his neck.

“Then stop! We’re…we’re…idols!” Onew babbled, separating them again.

“I’m a horny idol yes. Now leave.” Jonghyun pushed the leader away and glared at him angrily, making Key chuckle happily on his lap, wrapping his arms on his neck.

“We’re leaving now. Dongho, give the camera to Tae.” Minho’s voice ordered.

“You party pooper!” Dongho complained, giving the camera to the other maknae.

Taemin followed Minho for a while, the taller boy climbing a table before screaming. “God bless your souls, humans! And specially our Jack Daniel’s!”

“AMEN!” the party screamed, glasses on the air, cheering.

Jonghyun laughed at this. Minho was so smashed. He looked ridiculous in that purple pimp’s hat he had taken from someone and those giant girl sunglasses.

Suddenly, the camera’s screen went black.
Jonghyun blinked, was it over? That was it?
Eh?! Why was he looking so disappointed anyways?

Jonghyun’s eyes widened when the camera returned with another scene. Ah! It wasn’t over!
He felt himself lick his lips, adrenaline running through his body.
The camera showed their apartment right now, the living room. There was a lather clothed waist in front of it and Minho’s voice could be heard in the background. “What are you doing Key?”

“Taemin said the camera ran out of battery.” The diva replied, his hands moving in front of the camera. “Is this on…?”

“Why do you still need it?” Minho asked.

Key didn’t answer, just giggled drunkenly.

Suddenly, his earplugs were pulled out violently, making Jonghyun jolt in surprise and almost drop the camera.
Oh. Shit.

Key was glaring at him, looking quite furious. “What in hell Jonghyun?!”


Jinki was asleep by now, his back had been really tense, but he did a good work on it, leaving their leader to rest.
Key brushed in teeth and walked to his bedroom when he saw a light coming from a room. Taemin and Minho were already sleeping too. What was Jonghyun doing up?

He knocked on the door, whispering. “Can I come in?”


Weird. Key pushed the door open and entered. “Jonghyun, what are you doing up?”

The older boy was on his bed, focused on something in his lap, his eyes never leaving it. He had earplugs on. Key sighed. That’s why he didn’t hear a thing.

He approached the male and gasped. That…that bastard!
Jonghyun was holding the camera…with that goddamned tape on! He took his earplugs off angrily. “What the hell Jonghyun?!”

The boy jumped in shock and looked back at him with the hugest eyes he had ever seen. “K-Key? What are you doing here?”

“I knocked. I told you to get rid of that tape!” Key wanted to scream, but kept whispering so he wouldn’t wake up the others.


“Sorry?! You don’t look like you’re sorry! You wouldn’t be watching that if you were!” Key felt himself grow a tornado inside him. Was that guy an idiot?!

“I was curious…!” Jonghyun used his best innocent voice.

“Curious?! You know that tape is full of…rubbish!” Key smacked Jonghyun on the head. Gosh he wanted to hit him so badly!!! How dare he look into that…thing again!!!

“I wanted to see the rest of it; you never let us see it till the end.” The lead singer complained, rubbing his head.

“Of course not! I can’t believe you’re saying that!” Key half-screamed, half-whispered. He stretched his hand at Jonghyun. “Give me.”

The other blinked in confusion. “What?”

“The tape, give me.” Key started to stomp his feet impatiently.

“No. You would destroy it!” Jonghyun hugged the camera to his chest.


“Then no. I want to watch it till the end.” Jonghyun gave him a sarcastic smile, opening the camera’s screen again.

“No way! I won’t let you!” Key punched his bed.

“It’s my tape too! I’m on it and I want to know what I did that night! You can either watch it with me or watching me doing it, your choice.” Jonghyun said seriously, sending chills through Key’s spine.

“W-what? I don’t want to see it!” Key gagged. Shit.

“Are you going to tell me you’re not curious?” Jonghyun raised an eyebrow.

Kay blushed a bit and shook his head. “I’m not.”

“That sounded really convincing.” The singer chuckled, mocking him.

“Fuck you.” Key groaned, suddenly feeling really uncomfortable. Why did he had to talk like he knew him better than himself?!

“No need to get angry. You’re curious, I can see that. I know you Kibum.” Jonghyun gave him a smile, poking Key’s nose playfully.

“We’re not supposed to watch.” Key insisted. He knew that Jonghyun wasn’t going to give him the tape any time soon. The guy was just too stubborn.

He shrugged. “Why is that? This is our video.”

“It’s wrong.” Key pointed out, looking at the floor. He didn’t want to watch himself doing…those things again. Especially with his bestfriend right next to him.

“Look, the…embarrassing parts are over. We’re back at home now, see?” Jonghyun passed him the camera.
Key looked at the paused screen carefully. He was telling the truth.
But…was it prudent to watch? Yes, he had been curious all these weeks, curiosity biting his ass everytime he remembered that night.

“C’mon, sit. Aren’t you curious to know how Jinki ended up in the balcony?” Jonghyun chuckled, moving to the other side of the bed, giving Key room to sit on.

“…And Minho on the bathtub…” Key let out a smile at the memory. Gosh! That dinosaur always got what he wanted! How was that possible?!

“Come here.” The shorter boy tapped the bed. “I won’t bite you Key.”

“You already did…” Key whispered to himself, remembering the painful hickeys he had for a week and half.


Jonghyun smiled to himself. He did it. He actually did it. Key sat down next to him and I pushed the covers on him too, I didn’t want him freezing. He looked at me and I smiled. I didn’t want to scare him away now that he was in there. He took one of the earplugs and put it on.

“Okay. Action.” The singer said, pressing the play button.

They were in their living room and Key finally understood that the camera was already recording. “Oh! There is the red light! I couldn’t find it!”

“The apocalypse will really happen! Key missed a camera’s red light! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!” Onew shouted. ”SAVE YOURSELVES!”

“Fear not mortals! Pray with me before the Judgment day! I’ll forgive your sins!” Minho stood in front of the TV, raising his arms in the air.” Bow to me! Bow to my shiny power!”

The camera wasn’t moving, so it was possible placed in a table. Key and Onew ran to the priest, bowing to him while Taemin crawled to the taller boy, hiding inside Minho’s clothes, creating a big bulge on the cassock.

“Taemin, what are you doing in there?” Minho laughed. ”It looks like I’m pregnant! Priests can’t get pregnant!”

“I’m protecting myself.” Taemin’s face appeared under the cassock.

That only made Onew shout, “It’s coming out! The baby is coming out!”

Minho faked a pained cry as Onew pushed a laughing Taemin out of Minho’s robes.
Key applauded. “It’s a baby boy!!!”

Jonghyun laughed and glanced at Key, who was chuckling by his side. He seemed much more relaxed now.

“I feel happy. Why am I so happy?” Onew asked, grinning as he let himself fall on the sofa.

“Hyung, you’re drunk.” Minho chuckled, adjusting his purple pimp hat.

“What about you?” Onew asked, his big smile never leaving his face.

“I think I am too.” Minho laughed.

“Oh! It makes sense now! Oh Minho! I love you!” The leader stood up and hugged the taller boy, both falling down on the floor and laughing like maniacs.

Key stared at the camera’s screen, hand on his face. “This is the most ridiculous thing I ever looked at.”

Jonghyun nodded. “I know…it’s almost painful to see.”

“Where were you? You’re not in there.” Key noticed.

A few minutes later, Onew and Minho were singing their hearts out, trying to imitate a cabaret dance, and Taemin started crying for no real reason.

“I need to show this to the boys!” Key laughed, hiding his face on Jonghyun’s shoulder.

Jonghyun shivered to the sudden contact. It was a normal thing for them to do normally, but since the video incident, they stopped. It felt nice to have skinship again. Really nice…

“Oh! There you are!” Key pointed to the camera.

Jonghyun on screen ignored the other boys and walked directly to Key and whispered something on his ear.
Key smirked and walked in the camera’s direction, picking it up.
They couldn’t tell what was really going on for a while, then Key’s face appeared and he smiled to the camera, waving. “Hi.”

The drunken boy kept posing, entertaining himself with the camera, laughing sometimes at his own expressions.

“You’re such a camera whore.” Jonghyun chuckled.

Key ignored him. The background in the video…it really looked like Jonghyun’s room.

The Key on the screen gasped and giggled when two hands hugged his waist.
“What are you doing?” That was Jonghyun’s voice, no doubt.

“Nothiiiing.” Key giggled just like a little kid when he knows that he’s doing something bad.

“Keeey, help me.” Jonghyun called him. “I can’t take my tie off, it’s too tight.”

“Babo! It’s easy!” Key turned around to face his friend and tried to undo the tie around Jonghyun’s neck.
Unconsciously, taking some steps backwards, maybe because of their drunken state, the camera could only capture the boy’s waist lines.
They stood quiet for a while until Jonghyun placed his hands on Key’s hips.

“It’s almost done…I can’t really see straight…” Key’s voice was heard.

Jonghyun chuckled in a low voice. “Funny…I can’t think straight either.”

Key shivered when he saw Jonghyun’s hands around his waist being placed on this ass, grabbing it shamelessly and squeezing it.

Oh no. no, no, no, no. not again.

“Define straight.” Key’s voice whispered.
A chuckle was heard and then…kissing sounds.

Suddenly, Key felt too uncomfortable to be leaning on Jonghyun and sat on the bed, feeling his cheeks starting to get dangerously warm.

Jonghyun couldn’t take his eyes off the screen as they started to kiss again. He could tell that he was getting addicted to these scenes, the idea that they were doing something forbidden gave him adrenaline.

Key on screen pulled Jonghyun by the tie, removing it at least and gave the other a playful smirk. The muscular boy said no more, he grabbed the rapper’s hands and pushed him to the bed, pinning him down. “Jjong…”

“Be quiet. You talk a lot.” Jonghyun said before crashing his mouth on Key’s.

“Jonghyun…” Key whispered, his body tensing. “Can you…”

”I won’t stop it.” The shorter boy said immediately, his eyes never leaving the screen.

Key gasped. “But-”

“If you don’t want to see, then close your eyes.” Jonghyun glanced at him.

“How can you just sit there looking at that?” Key asked, slowly freaking out. This was wrong! Closed in Jonghyun’s room, watching themselves kiss on a camera at night!

“Then leave if you don’t have the guts, princess. Simple.”

Key frowned. “I-I won’t.”
There was no way he would leave Jonghyun alone watching this…kissing pornography!

“Oh god.” Jonghyun’s eyes widened.

What? What is it?!
Key looked at the screen and felt all of his blood rush to his face.

Jonghyun had raised Key’s top while they were talking, and he was…

“Jjong! Ahh!” Key moaned as the other sucked on his nipples, leaving wet traces on his chest.

“You make me crazy…I love your body…” Jonghyun said huskily, inhaling Key’s scent.

Key frowned. “I don’t have breasts…I’m flat.”

The singer smirked. “I think it’s sexy. You have…such pink, cute, adorable nipples..” He purred, placing a kiss on each nipple, making Key’s body jump a bit.

“Don’t say thaaaat!” Key shouted in embarrassment.

“You like it.” The older boy whispered, taking a nipple on his mouth, sucking it.


“You’re so sensitive …” Jonghyun stared at the younger’s body in fascination, his free hand pinching the nipple and winning a loud moan from his victim.

“Stop…! Stop torturing me you evil dinosaur!” Key panted.

“I can’t believe we did this…I don’t think I can watch…!” Key whimpered, covering his eyes with his hands. However, his fingers were open wide enough for him to peek.
Jonghyun however, looked pretty interested on the video; he kept looking, with his mouth slightly open, sometimes he would lick his lips, wetting them.

He had…kissed those lips a lot that night. And he couldn’t remember a thing…
How did they taste like…?
Oh no, Kim Kibum! You are NOT thinking that!

Jonghyun gasped by his side and his eyes quickly returned to the screen. This couldn’t be good…

“Aahhhh! Jjong!” Key gasped loudly when the lead singer palmed his bulge through the clothes.

Key felt like dying.
He wanted to hide, he wanted to shrink to a flea’s size and ran away screaming.

“Jjong..Jjong… I’m…” Key squirmed under the muscular boy, pulling him closer.

“I can feel you…you’re burning…” Jonghyun murmured, kissing Key’s ear while his hand kept teasing his lower region.

“Ahh, more…”

Jonghyun kissed him hard, and his hand slipped inside Key’s pants.
Key couldn’t talk anymore, he was a panting mess.
The camera was a bit distant but he could tell his eyes were dilated and his open mouth had a trail of saliva running down erotically.
Jonghyun was masturbating him…

Key sunk on Jonghyun’s bed, his eyes wide open and mouth opened in shock. He forgot to breathe, he forgot to blink. All he could do was stare at himself on the camera.

Jonghyun’s heart pumped hard against his chest. Adrenaline rushed down his body in big waves, making him shiver. He had touched Key, he had sucked on his nipples too. This was real, it really happened.
He couldn’t believe his eyes as he stared at Key on the camera. He had turned into a wild cat in heat. The boy had saliva running on the corner of his gasping lips, his nipples were hard and swollen, his chest was raising and falling quickly and he would move his hips against his hand without shame.
This wasn’t Key. Couldn’t be. The real key wouldn’t even take off his shirt on the beach and the Key on the camera…he was so honest with his body, like a needy animal.

The sound of Key’s sexual panting gave Jonghyun a big problem, his boxers staring to feel really tight. It was impossible to stay cool at these scenes.

Key arched his back violently, and let a loud cry before Jonghyun shut him with a rough kiss.

Jonghyun’s mouth dropped. “That…that was you..?”
Key kept silent, speechless.

Jonghyun stopped the video and replayed the scene, looking in awe as Key’s body jolted again. “You came…!”

Key blushed furiously, his face now redder than his own blood. “Don’t replay that!!!”

The younger boy could only pant, riding out of his orgasm.
“Key…I’m going to keep you forever… I’ll mak-”

Suddenly, there was a beeping; the warning sound of low battery and the screen went black.

The tape ended.
This was it.

Staying quiet for a few minutes, both boys refused to look at each other.
Jonghyun had masturbated Key and Key had loved it. They were both to fault.

Jonghyun took a deep breath and turned to Key a bit, eyeing him.
This shy, blushing person was a wild cat in bed. Wow. Now that was something he didn’t expect. He had known Key for years, and until now, he hadn’t seen him do or say anything in a sexual way. Not a single conversation about it. And yet…this happened.

Jonghyun noticed Key moving his legs a lot, whimpering uncomfortably.
Inside his mind, a little Jonghyun devil popped up, laughing. Ne needed to do this.


Key snapped out of his own thoughts and stared back at his friend. “W-what?”

When had he turned out to be so beautiful? When did this happen?
Jonghyun couldn’t help but notice every single detail in Key.
His dark feline eyes, sharp eyebrows, pointy nose and chin, bow shaped lips and a long, delicious looking neck.
The singer licked his lips unconsciously and Key blushed, looking down. “I…I’m going to my room now.”

“Wait.” Jonghyun grabbed Key’s arm, preventing him from leave his bed and looked directly into his eyes. “Promise me that you won’t be all awkward around me in the morning again.”

Key blinked in surprise and then to the ceiling. “I don’t know if I can…this was…too much.”

“You liked it.” Jonghyun dared to say.

“I’m sorry?” Key asked, perplexed.

“You liked to watch this.” The lead singer smirked. ”I can tell.”

Key gasped and looked at Jonghyun as if he had grown another head. How dare he say something like that?! Was he mad?!
The video must have brain-washed him! “Really?! How could I like to watch something like this?!”

“Do you think it’s disgusting?” Jonghyun asked, smiling cockily.

“I do! We’re bestfriends! And boys! And we-AH!”

Jonghyun had slipped his hand inside the covers and palmed Key’s crotch, making the other let out a scream.
He was hard.
That liar wad hard.

Key’s eyes never looked so big and he quickly pushed the other away. “You-! Why did you-?!”

“Like I said, you liked it Key.” Jonghyun smiled again.

“I..I hate you!” Key blushed in shame, standing up quickly, leaving the room and slamming the door him quite loudly.

That night, Jonghyun watched the tape two more times.
That night Jonghyun decided that Key was indeed, someone special and he remembered Taemin’s words. If the maknae was correct…if drunk people really did all the stuff they did because it was actually their deepest desires then…
Key wanted him.
Key was attracted to him, and he already had enough proof of that.

Jonghyun felt himself smile and a feeling of happiness burst inside his chest.
Key wanted him.

It made him happy actually.

Before going to sleep, Jonghyun decided…that he wanted Key too.



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Colorful Soul
Colorful Soul

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Ter 31 Jan - 2:39:42

melhor capitulo, epic , epic. <3
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Flaming Charisma
Flaming Charisma

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Ter 31 Jan - 14:59:46

muito bom:D
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chris alves lee

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Ter 31 Jan - 15:42:06

Vou me intrometer um poquinho aqui XD
Passei um tempo meio alheia ao fórum mas assim que voltei li esta fic e simplesmente ADOREI.
Escreves muito bem e apesar de não ser expert no inglês estou amando ler, mesmo.
espero ver muitas outras fics tuas aqui.
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Ter 31 Jan - 19:03:08

chris alves lee escreveu:
Vou me intrometer um poquinho aqui XD
Passei um tempo meio alheia ao fórum mas assim que voltei li esta fic e simplesmente ADOREI.
Escreves muito bem e apesar de não ser expert no inglês estou amando ler, mesmo.
espero ver muitas outras fics tuas aqui.

tenho duas fics apenas por enquanto, mas tenho muitas ideias e vou escreve-las todas ^^
espero ver-te mais vezes por aqui ^^
espero que continues a ler e que te divirtas ^^
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Qui 2 Fev - 13:36:15

Chapter 4 – Tease no more

Jonghyun woke up the next day with a smile. Last night he had made big decisions and today he wanted to test them.
For his own surprise, Key didn’t shy away like he had thought; he ignored him, acting like nothing happened.

“Why so happy hyung?” Minho asked, still wearing his sleepy eyes as he ate the toast slowly.

Onew nodded. “Today is not going to be an easy day. We have a lot of work to do, why that happy grin?”

“Oh, I woke up this way. I had the most incredible dream last night.” Jonghyun said, looking directly at Key.

Key chocked on his own toast, coughing furiously.
Minho tapped Key’s back, worriedly. “Whoa there! You okay?”

“I’m fine.” Key murmured, a slight blush appearing on his cheeks.

Jonghyun grinned. This sure will be an awesome day.


Onew wasn’t kidding when he said they had a busy day ahead.
First thing in the morning they’ll have a show to attend, then they’ll have an interview, then a small pause for lunch, then they’ll have to move for a small concert in a show to promote their album, autographs to give and practice at their studio.

Jonghyun had hoped the show could give him opportunity to get closer to Key and blame everything on fan service, however, the only thing they wanted them to do was introduce themselves and talk, no games, no funny things. Damn.

The interview was a bit more interesting, for his own surprise.

“What do you think or feel when you go to a country you have never been to before and see hundreds of excited fans gathered to see you?” The interviewer asked politely to the five boys on the couch in front of her.

“We’re just grateful for the fact that there are fans in countries we’ve never been to who know us and have an interest in us. By all means, I want to go to those countries and share a little more about us. If we have the opportunity to promote in those countries, I would really like to go.” Taemin said, nodding.

The middle aged woman smiled. “What country or place do you especially want to visit?”

“Alaska. I want to go at least once.” Onew grinned.

“The North Pole!” Taemin clapped.

Jonghyun giggled at this. That kid still wanted to see Santa’s house at that age.

“If you were not a singer, what career would you be interested in? “ The woman asked.

Taemin giggled. “My childhood dream was to become a pilot. But that changed to becoming a celebrity. After becoming a celebrity, I thought about it and I kind of wanted to become a fisherman. However, we rode a boat once and I found out that I get very seasick. So then I thought, ‘Ah, I should just stick to being a celebrity.’” He laughed, making the others laugh as well.

The interviewer chuckled. “What is the strangest habit of the person sitting to your right?

Key turned to Taemin and chuckled. “He keeps losing things so every day; it’s our job to find things for him.”

Taemin smiled and turned to Onew. “He has a lot of weird sleeping habits. He sleeps with his blanket covering him from head to toe. So he sleeps like that and in the morning, he wakes up covered in sweat.

“That’s true.” Minho pointed a finger to the leader.

Onew nodded. “Jonghyun sleeps with his eyes slightly open. It’s a bit creepy..”

Jonghyun faked an offended expression, making Onew chuckle and turned to Minho and pointed to him. “There are moments when he gets very serious very suddenly. He always takes our jokes seriously. We joke around a lot all the time, but he takes them seriously when it’s about him. In the end, we always have to make sure he knows we’re joking.

Key nods. “He says we can joke around with others but not him!”

Minho put a hand in front of his mouth, to hide his smile and then pointed to the diva. “Key is from Daegu. When he talks to us, his accent comes out only from time to time. But when he talks to his other friends or his parents, he speaks completely in a Daegu accent.”

Key shrugged. “My accent comes out when I get really excited about something.”

The interviewer kept nodding. “Ah, I see! Next we have some interesting questions from a few fans that caught our attention.”

The boys looked at each other in curiosity.

“Do you have any bestfriends in the band? Someone that you feel more comfortable with?”

“I like everyone!” Onew laughed. “I don’t think I have a favorite.”

“Me and Key are very close. We have known each other for many years now.” Jonghyun smiled and made sure to make eye contact with the younger boy.

“I tend to go to Taemin for everything too.” Minho laughed and pointed to Onew. “Ah, so you are the only one left out?”

“Nah! My heart is so big that I have room for all of you.” Onew laughed, giving them best smile. “I’m an amazing leader after all.”

Key let out a loud laugh and the others chuckled.

“There is another question. Did you know that there is a site on the internet that is making bets about Key and Jonghyun?”

“Eh? How so?” Onew asked, interested.

Jonghyun frowned in confusion. “What is that?”

“It seems that Jonghyun once asked Key to marry him and he told him that he had to wait ten years to do it because he was very young to marry. So the fans made a site to keep alive that promise and they’re waiting for 2021 for it to happen.” The woman explained.

Taemin and Onew made surprised sounds. “Whoa..!”

“Really?” Jonghyun gasped. Those kinds of things really exist?

“That was fan service…” Key said quickly. “We were only joking around.”

Jonghyun noticed how defensive Key got suddenly; normally he would only joke with the situation. Minho looked like he was noticing it too by the look he was giving him.

“But the fans really took that seriously, they’re betting on some dates in 2021.” The woman said, reading the papers on her lap.

“I don’t think Key would ever marry in 2021.” Taemin said suddenly, making everyone look at him. ”He has always been the one who wanted to marry first, 2021 is a bit late I think…”

Key gave the blonde a weird look.

“Ah, I’ll just ask him again every month!” Jonghyun said, trying to lift the tension. “He can’t keep giving me excuses forever!”

The band chuckled and he was positive that the burning feeling on his back was Key’s glare.


The afternoon was pretty tiring and the boys returned to their apartment at 8:40pm.
Onew opened the door and Key rushed inside immediately, walking to the bathroom and closing the door.
He sighed loudly, resting his back against the door. What a terrible day…

“Key? Are you going to bathe already?” Minho’s voice came from the other side of the door.


“What about dinner?”

Key wanted to scream. Why couldn’t they learn to cook too?! “Just wait a bit, you can’t be that starved! We had a late lunch!”

“Okay… don’t take too much time in there, we need to shower too.”

Key sighed again and started undressing.
He was stressed, really stressed. Normally, he was the last one to shower, he would clean and make dinner for the boys and then he would shower, but this time he was really needing it.

He stepped in the shower, letting the hot water run down his tensed body and he let a satisfied moan.
He closed his eyes. Jonghyun was a mean bastard.
First he tricked him to watch…that video, then he…he did that!
Key flushed, remembering how Jonghyun palmed his bulge and how he had screamed like a little girl.

Key made his best to forget everything, to tell himself that it wasn’t true, ignore it, pretend it never happened and make things return to their normal way.
However, Jonghyun kept sending him glances and smirks all day. It was making him nervous. Really nervous.
Everytime he did that he felt like he had a bonfire inside him, burning his insides, making his body heat up.
That stupid dinosaur! What was he trying to do?! Why did he keep flirting with him like that?

Stupid, stupid dinosaur…
Why did he keep looking at him with those huge puppy eyes? He was a sucker for big eyes, he knew that.
He just hated how he would smile at him everytime he was caught looking at him. That stupid dino smile…with those stupid dino lips…

God Key…what are you thinking?

He was genuinely shocked with himself when he felt himself harden over that video. It was just…so erotic…!
He had an explosion of emotions when he saw it.
Humiliation, confusion, shock, fear, desire…

Watching his own body move against Jonghyun’s…it sure messed with his head. They looked like they were both enjoying it to the fullest.
Jonghyun had masturbated him.
This was real, it wasn’t a lie, it wasn’t his imagination. They had proof of it.
Jonghyun’s hand…had been right there, pleasuring him.
His tongue…that tongue he kept showing off during concerts… licked his nipples.

Key moaned.


No, he wasn’t touching himself in the shower thinking about Jonghyun. He wasn’t!

No…he couldn’t…
It was wrong right?
Jonghyun was his friend…



“I’m hungry…” Taemin groaned, hugging his stomach. “Ah, its making noises already…!”

“Key is still in the bath.” Minho made a face. “He’s going to use all the hot water that way…”

“Let’s try cooking. It should surprise him right?” Onew suddenly said, making his friends look at him in silence for a while.

“Eh? We? In the kitchen?” Minho asked, not really sure if it was a good idea.

“That’s a good idea. It would make Key happy.” Jonghyun smiled. “I’m in!”

“It can’t be that difficult…” Minho considered it. “If Key can do it, we can too.”

Teamin got up from the couch and ran to the kitchen, opening a counter’s door and pulling out a few books. “Key hyung has recipes in here. I saw him use them the other day.”

Onew clapped. “Culinary books? Great! It’s easier that way! We just need to follow the instructions!”

10 minutes later

“Is this supposed to have this color?” Jonghyun made a face when he looked inside the pot.

Teamin and Minho were working on cutting and preparing some ingredients, Jonghyun was in charge of the stove and Onew was giving orders, reading the recipe.

The leader looked up and walked to his friend. “Let me see.”

Minho came running and looked inside too, letting out a laugh. “What is that?!”

“Soup?” Jonghyun let out a nervous laugh.

“That’s soup?!” Minho laughed out loud, walking away to his previous task. Jonghyun blushed.

Okay…so the soup was a bit…thick and…gray.
Key’s soups always had a nice orange color, dark green or creamy yellow. This was missing something.

“It’s gross.” Onew said right away. “It smells weird too.”

“Well, I want you to do it then! My turn to hold the book.” Jonghyun stole the book from Onew’s hands and looked to the recipe. Wait. What? “This is in english! That’s why we’ve been messing up! You don’t understand a thing!”

Taemin gasped and Minho pointed a kitchen knife to the leader. “Is this true punk?”

Onew let out an apologetic smile, waving his hands. “I did my best! Try to read it!”

Jonghyun concentrated on the foreign words and shouted. “Carrots! I’m sure this means carrots! It starts with a C!”

“Okay then… carrots!” Taemin handed Onew a pile of carrots. “Here!”

“…Shouldn’t he cut them first? And…clean them?” Minho asked when Onew simply let the carrots fall in the boiling gray water.

“We had to?” Onew gasped.

“Well…it can’t be that bad, forget it.” Jonghyun waved, his eyes on the book.

“Ah! Taemin you ruined my shirt!” Minho shouted in surprise.

The others looked at Taemin, holding a small bag of flour, his hand on his mouth. “Ah! Sorry! I didn’t see!”

Minho was…pretty much covered in white. “You did it on purpose.”

“No I didn’t.” Taemin tried to cover his smile. “I’m cute and innocent, I’ll never do that!”

Onew laughed out loud to that. “The little devil!”

“It looks like snow!” Jonghyun laughed. “Christmas came earlier for Minho!”


Onew and Jonghyun gasped in shock when Minho opened an egg on Taemin’s head. The taller boy grinner, satisfied with his work.

“Ahah, look at his hair!” The leader chuckled, pointing a finger to Taemin.

Taemin looked up, egg running down his face. “You guys….”

The four boys looked at each other, smirking until Jonghyun’s scream. “FOOD FIIIIIIGHT!!!”


Key sighed and walked out of the bathroom. Stress had been taken care off. Well…not the way he wanted, but at least he was much more relaxed.
All he needed to do now was to cook something nice for his family, make sure Taemin brushed his teeth and go to bed.

“You hit me in the eye!”

“AAaaahhhh! Take that!”

“AH! It’s not fair! Jinki!”

Key stopped in the middle of the corridor. There was laughter and screams.
What were they doing?

Key started to walk again. The living room was empty, they weren’t in their rooms, and he had just came from the bathroom then…

Key’s eyes widened.

Key ran to the kitchen and stopped by the door, gasping in horror.

His clean white and pink walls…his shiny white floor…was gone.
Jonghyun , Minho, Onew and Taemin were laughing, throwing food at each other’s, playing like children.
Key stood by the door, his eyes all over his precious kitchen. He could tell his skin was getting pale by the feel of it.

Taemin gasped when he saw Key and stopped his hand on midair, holding a carrot.

“Ah! He’s not moving! Now!” Onew screamed.

Key’s closed his eyes when he saw Taemin duck and three eggs, who are meant for the maknae, hit him square on his shirt and face.

The four boys gasped in horror.

Key felt his blood boil inside his veins and wiped the eggs off his face. “Why, this is just what I needed after a bath. They say that eggs are good for our skin.”

The four boys gulped at Key’s cold, sarcastic tone.
Taemin hid behind Minho.

“I feed you, I clean the house for you, I do the laundry, I iron your clothes... and this is what I get for doing all that?” Key slowly stretched his hand to grab the broom that was leaning next to the fridge and the others gulped loudly.

“Key…” Onew started and quickly shut up when he met the diva’s icy glare, hiding behind Jonghyun with a scared whimper.

This was it.
They made Key mad.
Scratch that, they made him furious.
Goodbye world.

“You have the guts to step in my kitchen and destroy it…” Key grabbed the broom firmly. “You…are in deep, deep trouble.”

The boys stepped backwards everytime Key took a step forward.
“Now, each one of you are going over that little door right there, yes, the one covered with ketchup, and take out the cleaning supplies. Minho will clean the walls, Jonghyun will clean the counter and cabinets, Onew will take all the trash you made outside and Taemin will clean the floor. Understood?”

Taemin made a face. “But umma-”

“Baby talks back, baby gets spanked.” Key gave Taemin a warning smile, making the maknae gulp and nod furiously in agreement. “Good.”

“We’re really sorry Key, we didn-”

“Say one more word frog-face. I dare you.” Key hissed, his eyes burning in fury. “I swear I’ll make you lick the walls clean…”

Minho’s eyes doubled their size and he ran to grab his cleaning supplies.
The others mimicked him right away.

They spent half an hour cleaning, Key sited on a chair, watching them work.

“Ah…my back hurts…” Jonghyun complained.

“You don’t see me crying about it when I do that, do you?” Key snapped, making the elder go back to work immediately.

“We’re sorry umma…we just wanted to make dinner ourselves. It can sound stupid now but…we wanted to help you because you always do everything…” Taemin bit his lip. “We’re really sorry.”

The others nodded and bowed. “We’re sorry.”

Key looked at Taemin with a straight serious face and then smiled. “You want to help right? From now on, you’ll be having lessons with me.”

Taemin froze. “W-what?”

“Umma really needed company in the kitchen. So instead of playing video-games, you’ll be helping me in the kitchen and you’ll learn how to cook.” Key smiled quite happily.

Taemin whimpered and the others chuckled at him.

“Did I tell you to stop cleaning?” Key’s voice returned to the icy tone when he saw the three boys staring at them.

This is how it was, Kim Kibum was a nice sensitive boy, Almighty Key was an over confident, arrogant diva and Key Umma was a clean-freak, protective and nagging boy. The thing was…a pissed Key Umma could be the scariest of them all.

After a while Key stood up and stared at the tired and sweaty panting boys. He walked slowly through the kitchen and pressed his finger on the counter, testing how clean it was.
The boys looked at him expectantly. “Well…?”

“You may leave to bath.” Key said, his serious tone never leaving his voice. He was still angry, all he wanted was to relax and they only gave him trouble. “Teamin, you go first, and hurry up, I need you in the kitchen.”

“Already?” Taemin gasped.

“Yes. Out of my kitchen now! All of you!” Key shouted, making the boys yelp and run out.

Key sighed and took his apron, his shirt was ruined and he smelled weird again. He had to take another shower later…gah!

After a while Taemin came out of the shower, pouting. Key smiled to this, he was going to make the kid a good cook. But for now…he’ll just hide any sharp things from Taemin.
An hour passed by when Onew came out from the bath, dinner was already on the table and the leader quickly made his way to his sit, devouring his food.

“So Tae, how was your first lesson?” Minho asked, giggling as the dancer glared at him.

“He’ll learn with time. Are you interested in joining?” Key smiled, taking a bite from his plate.

Minho raised his hands on the air in a defensive way and stood up. “Thanks for the food.”

Key looked up. “Where are you going?”

“My room?” Minho made a face.

“No you’re not.” Key shook his head and said in a calm voice.

Minho blinked in confusion. “I’m…not?”

“You have dishes to clean. Don’t just stand up and leave your dirty things around.” Key told him and when Onew started laughing he added, “You too Jinki.”

Onew stopped laughing immediately.

Jonghyun giggled. Key looked cute when he was angry. And sexy when he was furious.
Was this even normal?
Guessing that the punishment went for him too, Jonghyun stood up and went to clean his dishes in silence.

Key eyed Jonghyun as he took the hint and went to clean his stuff. Well, at least he wasn’t making a lot of drama because of it. Key smiled when the others picked up their plates and went to join the singer.
He felt like it was time to teach his friends how hard it was to take care of a house.

“I’m going to shower now. I stink.” Jonghyun commented.

Onew turned to him. “Then don’t stay too long, we have little hot water left. Key spent a lot of it when he went first.”

Key gasped. “I need to shower too! You got me dirty!”

“Then shower after me.” Jonghyun shrugged.

Diva mode was activated. Key snickered. “With cold water? As if! You take it after me! It’s not fair.”

“Nothing is fair.” Jonghyun smirked before running out of the kitchen. “First one gets the hot water!”

“What?! Jonghyun! Come back here!” Key panicked, following him.

The other three boys looked at each other.
“They’re back to normal.” Taemin noticed, smiling.

“I just wonder for how long.” Minho chuckled, wiping his plate with a towel.

Onew looked at the rapper. “It’s what I think isn’t it? They are, aren’t they?”

“What are you talking about?” Taemin asked in confusion. “They are what?”

Minho ignored the maknae and nodded. “By the way they act, they are.”


Key gasped and punched the bathroom’s closed door. “Jonghyuuuuun! Come out! I want to shower!”

“So do I!” The singer’s voice laughed from the other side of the door.

“I ‘ll get sick if I shower with cold water!!!” Key complained, making a dramatic voice.

Jonghyun chuckled. “So would I!”

“Jonghyyyyun!!!” Key threw a fit, punching the door continuously like a kid when his mother didn’t gave them the lollipop he wanted so badly.
No way in hell he was going to take shower with freezing cold water! No, no, no, no!

“Stop that already you drama queen. You’re hurting me.”

Key opened his eyes and stared at Jonghyun in front of him. Oh.
Jonghyun had opened the door and Key had been punching him instead of the door. He blushed and jolted, noticing that his hands were still resting against his chest and blushed even harder when he saw that the other had only his boxers on.
Key shivered and tried not to look too directly at the singer’s body. Oh god…when did that happen? He grew quite some firm abs…

“Key? You’re alright?”

Key blushed and nodded. He didn’t understand, he had seen Minho’s abs before, he saw him work out too, but he wasn’t attracted to his chest! Why was he so suddenly drooling after Jonghyun’s?!

“Come in then.” Jonghyun pulled Key inside and locked the door.

Key stared at the other male as he locked the door. What in hell…? “What are you doing?”

“Me? I’m going to take a shower, you do it too if you really want it, your choice.” Jonghyun replied and put his dirty clothes in a pile on the floor. “I’ll put them to wash when I finish, I promise.”

Key’s jaw dropped. Was this guy for real?! Right now he couldn’t care less about the clothes. “You mean…what? Bathing with you?!”

“We did that before.” The shorter boy shrugged, chuckling.

“We were still kids!” Key pointed out.

After all the things they had done…he couldn’t just shower with him! No! Impossible!
Not even in school Key would shower with other guys! He would wait for them to leave!

“So what? We’re both men. And we’re straight right? So I don’t see the problem.” Jonghyun said, looking directly into his eyes.

Key couldn’t reply to that. He got him, and he got him good.

“T-turn around then.”

Oh god…
What was he doing?!

Jonghyun smiled and turned around as asked.

Kim Kibum! What the hell are you doing?! You can’t just step naked in there with him!
Key blushed hard as he took his shirt and pants off, making a similar pile on the floor.

“I’m going in.” Jonghyun said behind him.

Key jumped to the sound of the curtain opening.
Jonghyun was naked. Naked in the shower, right there, in that small bathroom.
Oh god Kibum, you sound like a school girl! Put yourself together! What was wrong with him?
Why was he so scared? Why was his heart bumping so freaking much? He felt like he was about to have a heart attack!

Jonghyun stepped in the shower completely naked, this was it. His opportunity had arrived thanks to that silly food fight. Inside, he felt like squealing, but he couldn’t do it. Key was too proud, if he kept ignoring him he would come to him naturally, if he kept pestering him, he would run away. That’s how Key worked.

He listened to the curtain open and his heart skipped a beat. They were back to back. Naked.
He wanted to peek so badly!

“Give me the soap.” Key’s voice sounded quite confident. Weird, he was pretty sure he would get all shy about this…

Jonghyun grabbed the soap carefully and turned a bit, perfect time to peek. ..”Here you have it…Boxers? You are in your boxers?”

Key shrugged. “I don’t need to take my boxers off, I showered before, I just got my hair and chest dirty.”

He had a point. Damn.
He needed to do something…

“Here, let me help you.” Jonghyun said, putting some shampoo on his hands and rubbed Key’s hair with it.

Key yelped, surprised by the strong hands on his head.
He could feel Jonghyun’s chest bumping on his back, oh no… he was so warm and his skin felt so good…
A familiar wave of pleasure traveled down his belly, making Key panic.
Shit…on hell no. This wasn’t the time or place to happen something like that!

Jonghyun started to sing softly when he felt how tense Key had become. Normally, this would relax him, but this time it did the opposite, Key seemed really uncomfortable.

Key bit his lips as Jonghyun’s hands traveled on his head. He couldn’t even protest against it, it felt too good to say anything. His body was quivering now.
Every time he would touch his shoulders accidently, a new shiver was born and it went straight to a very bad place.
Then he started singing in a very low voice, making the hair on his neck stand up in another strong shiver.
Gosh, he needed to get out of there! It was driving him crazy!

Jonghyun looked down and regretted it right away. With the water, Key’s gray boxers were soaked against his skin, giving him the perfect line of his butt. He had never seen such a cute butt on his life. So round, small and…god he wanted to grab it so bad…!
He remembered how his hands in the video looked on top of that perfect ass, it looked so soft…

Fuck. He was getting turned on. He needed to look away.
Jonghyun finished his work on Key’s hair and noticed how close Key’s legs were. He was petty…stiff. He let out a proud smirk and whispered. “You’re quiet, what are you thinking about?”

“Eh?..Oh! J-just a few lyrics for a new song…” Key said, gagging.

Really, really convincing Kibum. This was it.
“Really? That must be a very dirty song to leave you hard like that.”

He saw Key jump and turn to him.
Next thing he knew, a very red faced Key was pinning him against the shower’s wall. He looked quite angry. “You’re a bastard and a pervert! You couldn’t peek! Why were you looking?!”

Jonghyun smiled to the angry boy and let his hands rest on the other’s hips. He was enjoying this situation a bit too much. “Who said I did?”


“It was a lucky guess. I was just suspicious, but now you confirmed it.” Jonghyun chuckled, his voice swimming in honesty. He couldn’t look down, he just couldn’t… it would scare him away.

Key blushed even harder, gapping like a dying fish.
Jonghyun took a deep breath, he was about to do something really risky. But he just needed to do it! He needed to make Key see that he wasn’t the only one who was affected.
That he didn’t need to be so ashamed.

Grabbing Key’s wrists, Jonghyun spun them around, making Key the one against the wall.
“What are you-”

He did it.
He couldn’t wait no more.
He needed it.

He kissed Key.


Okay, isto é realmente um GRANDE capitulo, em todos os sentidos da palavra lol

espero que gostem!!!!

E aqui tá aquilo de que estavam a falar na entrevista:

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já agora, o site onde esta fic ta publicada também é este:

e decidi meter umas imagens pa cada capitulo tambem ^^
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uma palavra :HOT.

quero mais, mais mais mais mais mais.
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tambem eu..estou a gostar bue...:D fogo tens bue jeito pa escrever fics ya?!:P
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tou toda babada agora x'3
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eu também tou babada, alias, fiquei, depois de ler isto hahaha
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AHAHAHA mesmooo..
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Chapter 5 – That burning desire

Waves of pleasure and adrenaline ran his body, feeling like he had small fireworks on his chest.
He had placed one hand around Key’s back and another one on his cheek, both lips locked together. Key’s lips were soft and tender, he had expected as much.
It didn’t feel real…this shouldn’t feel so good, so right.
But it did, and before Key could wake up from the shock, Jonghyun moved his mouth against the other’s, not letting the kiss end so quickly.
God only knew what could happen after that, he wanted to hold onto every sweet second he could take of this.
His chest felt so warm inside, his heart beating strongly against his ribcage, he wanted this. This was perfect.

Key’s mind went blank.
One second he was screaming at Jonghyun, the next second he was pinned against the wall and he was being kissed.
He was being kissed.
By Jonghyun.
Who was naked.

Oh god.

This wasn’t real, was it? He was having some kind of perverted dream and he would wake up soon, right?
Jonghyun’s hands were burning on his naked skin, holding him in place. He felt his lips move against his own. Fuck. This wasn’t a dream.

Why couldn’t he move? Why couldn’t he fight back? His mind was screaming at him to move, to do something, anything!
But he couldn’t.

He felt his eyes close slowly.


His lips opened a tiny bit.

No. Don’t you dare…

He felt Jonghyun’s tongue touch his lips very softly.

What was he doing?! Move Kibum! Push him away!

This was torture, pure, cruel torture. His mind was yelling but he wanted to give up for a bit… satisfy his burning curiosity and desire. He felt so weak right now… he couldn't think about it anymore.
Key’s bow shaped lips opened with a small gasp and before he knew it, a tongue invaded his mouth, making all the small existent thoughts on his mind fade away.

Jonghyun couldn’t believe it when he felt his kiss being returned. This only made him want more and more, slowly getting addicted to the feel of Key’s lips.
That mouth felt so strangely familiar, he just knew all the sweet spots, where to suck, where to lick, so he let his body go auto-pilot. His body knew Key’s body better than himself by now.


Jonghyun listened to the small pleasured whimpers Key made for him as he started to put some force on the kiss. He felt the younger tremble a bit, his hands awkwardly down, without knowing where to touch, maybe afraid to touch.
He grabbed Key’s wrists slowly and guided the other’s arms to his neck. Last thing he wanted was an awkward Key, that title didn’t suit him at all.

He felt Key’s arms finally holding on his neck and deepening the kiss. Looks like he had finally loosen up and Jonghyun couldn’t be more thrilled about that.
But he had a problem by now, a huge and aching problem on his lower half.
Was it prudent to…? Oh fuck it! They had done much worse before!

Without any warning, Jonghyun took Key’s legs and lifted him up. Key’s wrapped around his waist for support in an instinctive feline move and Jonghyun took his golden opportunity. He pressed Key to the shower’s wall and pressed their erections together.


Key was moaning…and that’s all he needed to hear. Why was he worrying so much? He wanted this as much as he did. So he let go, trusting only on his most primitive instincts.
He grinded on Key harder, making the other gasp and hold on his back quite painfully, he couldn’t care less though, his mind was focused on pleasuring the younger boy, wanting to record every single moan on his mind.

Both wet bodies were reacting quite honesty and shamelessly to the situation, rubbing together in search for release. Key was a panting mess, whimpering loudly, his mind now completely gone. He was being droved only by lust and Jonghyun knew it.


Fuck. That small mouth sure knew how to tease him, making the most erotic sounds he had listened to.
This dream was coming to an end though; he felt it was their bodies pressed on each other desperately in a burning heat.
Holding Key up with only one hand, he moved the other to push Key’s boxers out of the way.

Key let a loud moan when he felt a strong hand around his cock, pumping him, driving him to insanity. He felt like a wild beast and he couldn’t stop.

Jonghyun opened his eyes to see the most incredible creature looking back at him. Key’s eyes were filled with lust, glassy and foggy; his mouth was opened in a silent moan, saliva running down to his chin.
Such erotic vision…Key was at his limit.

He took Key’s lips on his own once more, feeling that hot tongue moving against his own quite desperately, now completely submissive to his will.

Grabbing both of their cocks, Jonghyun rubbed them together as hard as he could, earning a loud scream from Key as his body took several spasms, orgasming.
Key had the most beautiful moaning voice, Jonghyun decided.
It took him a second to follow the action, feeling both burning members on his hand throbbing in pleasure.
This has been the most wonderful thing he had ever done.
And now it was over.


Double fuck.

“I’m going to kill you…” Key’s voice whispered against his ear, still panting, both bodies still locked in a tight embrace.
Yup, he was in deep trouble.

“I hate you…so much right now…” Key told him, still trying to breathe normally, catching the correct rhythm.

“You don’t.” Jonghyun dared to say, slowly putting the other down to his feet.
Key’s legs failed him though, making him hold on Jonghyun’s shoulders for support. Stupid body was still weak from all that…action.

“This…never happened. Got it?” Key looked directly into Jonghyun’s eyes, his cheeks burning from the recent orgasm. He pointed him an accusing finger and tried to pull his best glare. “NEVER happened.”

“Ok…” The older boy nodded, hands still on Key’s naked hips. He tried to stay serious but he felt the corners of his mouth twitching, wanting to smile so bad. He had thought that Key would throw a bitch fit and try to beat his life out of him, this was much better.

“Better that way.” Key whispered in a small voice, putting his wet boxers in place and getting out of the tub.

He watched as the diva grabbed his towel to cover his wet body with it, walking out of the door and slamming it shut.

Jonghyun then rested his back against the wall, smiling widely, happiness bursting out in his chest. He felt…powerful..! He felt the happiest person on earth and he couldn’t help but want to giggle and squeal like a little girl.
Key was really something else, he needed that boy. He wanted to make him his, making him realize how much he wanted him.
Jonghyun let out a happy giggle, fighting the urge to scream in joy. Key was going to be the death of him, making him act so stupidly.

He turned the water off and walked out, grabbing his own towel.

Both boys never realized that the hot water had been gone for ages now, the hot burning feeling on their skin coming only from each other’s bodies.


Key knew something was wrong.
He just did.
He was wearing his favorite pink apron, which had ‘Domestic Terrorist’ written in the front with black bold letters, he had another one with ‘Your opinion wasn’t in the recipe’ too, he would always wear that one when he experimented new dishes and the boys knew better than criticize his food when he had that one on.

Thing was, everyone was wonderfully quiet this morning.
Almost…too quiet.
Scary quiet.

Listen to that? Yes, silence.

Key frowned and looked at the kitchen’s table where three boys waited for their food in silence. What the hell? Normally Taemin would be a little ball of energy, jumping everywhere and running all over the place like a chicken on drugs, Minho would try to catch the maknae and Onew would try to trick him and steal food.

But no, they were sitting on the table, in a deadly silence, staring at god knows what.
Sighing, Key shook his head and returned his attention to the food. Almost ready.

“Gooooooood morning!” A familiar voice came from behind him.

Key jumped to the sound of Jonghyun’s voice and felt arms wrap on his waist. That little-!

“How is my diva today?” Jonghyun rested his chin on Key’s shoulder, grinning happily.

Key turned around and glared at the older boy. “Moody. Don’t touch me.” Key groaned pointing a sharp kitchen knife at the singer.

Jonghyun chuckled and put his hands in the air in defeat. “I got it!”

The lead singer walked to the table and sat down as Key filled their plates with food.
The puppy eyed boy continued smiling to himself and Key made his best to ignore it, frowning.
The boys finally started to move, eating their food in…silence.
This was starting to get really…really annoying!
Key ‘s eyes shot up, analyzing his friends. No emotion coming from them, everyone was looking down, eating.
Oh! Taemin moved!

The blonde boy reached for the mayonnaise’s bottle e and squeezed it, that thing emitting the most weird, awkward sound ever, breaking the silence loudly.
Everyone’s eyes shot up to Taemin who was currently drawing a smiley face on his food.


That was…a really painful sound.
But the maknae continued his drawing, doing it…veryyyy slowlyyy…

Key looked at the others who were read as tomatoes, everyone looking at Taemin.
Oh. The mayonnaise looked like…cum.

Key blushed.
Oh no, flashbacks! Nuh Hum! No, bad! Go away!

Minho stood up in a raging speed, almost knocking his chair down and stopped Taemin’s hand. “Really…just stop.”

Something was…very wrong here.
Jonghyun noticed the tension too, looking at everyone with questioning eyes.
They returned to the previous silence till someone made the first move.

“So…are you two together now?” Onew asked in a small voice, testing waters, letting out a shy smile.

Key chocked on his food, and Jonghyun’s milk left his mouth in full speed, hitting the floor.

Key was watching his friends in pure horror. “W-what are you talking about?!”

“You…vocalized your actions quite loudly, yesterday.” Onew said while poking his food with his chopsticks, not really looking at Key. He could tell the leader was really embarrassed.

“I thought Jonghyun hyung was hurting Key umma. I was worried.” Taemin nodded, his big innocent eyes looking directly at Key, who was gaping like an idiot.

“We-we really didn’t do anything guys!” Key let out a nervous chuckle. “What were you thinking? Ah, ah!”

“Hyung’s back tells us otherwise.” Minho snorted, hiding his face under the mug quickly, drinking his coffee.

“Eh? What about my back?” Jonghyun asked, stripping his white shirt.

Key’s eyes widened.
Holy mother of-

Taemin gasped. “You were right Onew hyung! Jonghyun’s back really looks like he was attacked by a wild cat!”

“You heard that?! You were supposed to be sleeping!” Onew hissed. Minho put a hand on his face, trying not to laugh.


Onew peeked under the table. “Oh. Key fainted.”

escrevi a parte mais picante ao som desta musica:

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Ter 7 Fev - 0:11:53

omoooooo :) incrível, ja vou ter bons sonhos hoje hihihihi
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loool ainda bem k gostaste. pekenito mas ta a ter sucesso no outro site lol
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Colorful Soul
Colorful Soul

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claro que tá hahaha é a melhor fic jongkey de sempre, mesmo
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entao has d ver as k tou a planear x'D tenho plo menos mais 5 em mente xD
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Colorful Soul
Colorful Soul

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Can't wait ^^ hehe
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Flaming Charisma

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omd..isto tá tao bommm...AHAHAHAH xD opá estou a amar a fic...*.*
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ainda bem ^^ agora é que vai começar os problemas though xD na historia e os meus pk tenho k faxer isto de forma a interligar com uma sequela!

esta historia ta pa ter 8 capitulos. vamos ver se aguento ate lá xD
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Ter 7 Fev - 23:46:28

Oqei faltam-me dois chaps mas... hell yeah Jjong, grab that bitch by the tail!
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looool diz antes pelo rabo, é mais fofinho x'D
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Nao, neste caso, tail=pila
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eu tava a tentar evitar essa palavra. xD
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Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY
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