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 Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Qua 8 Fev - 0:15:45

See if I care
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Qua 8 Fev - 1:31:13

Chapter 6 – Mental Fights

Key sighed, resting his head against the kitchen’s table.
The boys went to work and his manager told him to stay home since he wasn’t ‘feeling good’. He didn’t protested much; he needed some time alone anyways.

How did he end up in this situation?
Why was his body betraying him like this? This was too dangerous, too risky. Those things couldn’t happen again, the video must have messed with Jonghyun’s head…

And yours.

No. he was sane, Jonghyun was his bandmate and his bestfriend. Relationships between bandmates weren’t allowed in this business, especially gay relationships. They were idols, they were the example for many kids for god’s sake!
Besides, they only did what they did simply driven by lust, there was no real feelings in that. Just hormones!

So why are your heart beating so loudly?

And both of them were straight. Jonghyun always talked about how pretty noonas were and how he wanted kids one day. He wasn’t interested in men.

So why did he touch you?

Key was straight too, he wanted to marry a nice girl soon and have a family of his own. Key smiled to the idea, he liked kids!
Yeah, he didn’t like Jonghyun! What an absurd idea. He wasn’t even attracted to him, why should he be? That was a male body; he wasn’t attracted to a male body. It felt weird.

So why did you moaned?

He…didn’t like Jonghyun.

Key sighed once more and raised his head, looking at a very familiar vase on the corner of the kitchen’s counter.
It was an old porcelain vase, with hand drawn flowers with two dark birds in the middle. This vase meant so much to him, it was his grandma’s. She gave it to him, saying that it was tradition of their family to pass it to the next generation. His mom never paid much attention to it so Key took it with him and his grandmother was pleased with him.
He still could see her smile everytime he would put new flowers in the vase.

‘Kibummie…look, the vase is happy now. You gave life to it.’ She would say, stroking his head.

He missed her…

“What do I do grandma…?” Key asked quietly, looking at the vase with sadness.

He stroked the white flowers on the vase and some petals fell off. The flowers needed to be replaced by new ones.

Key took a deep breath. He knew what to do…


It was dinner time when the boys arrived home. Key had just finished dinner and was placing the plates on the table already.
Taemin was the first who entered the kitchen, placing his bag on the floor. “We’re back umma! Oh! What did you made?”

“Taemin! Don’t leave your things around like that, you’ll end up losing them! Take the bag to your room.”

“Yah! I won’t lose something so big!”

“You said that last time too and where is the panda plushie we gave you?” Key asked, smirking at the maknae.

The younger boy chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head. “Eh…I don’t know…”

Key rolled his eyes. “It’s on your bed; I found it today when I was cleaning your wardrobe.”

Teamin grinned and hugged Key’s waist. “Thank you umma!!!”

Key smiled to the boy and patted his head. “Be careful next time.”

“I will! Promise!” Taemin smiled, grabbing his bag and leaving the kitchen.

“Yeah right... ” Key snickered and returned his attention to the stove.

“Ahhh, what’s that smell?!” Onew’s voice was heard in the hallway.

He heard footsteps and in a second Onew’s face appeared above his shoulder. “We’re having Italian tonight? Ah, my mouth is watering already!”

“EH? Hyung, look at this!” Minho’s voice came from his left.

Key looked at the tall boy who was pointing at his strawberry cake and Onew squealed like a child, running to him to take a better look. “Eh! Did you bought this?!”

Key snorted in a sarcastic mode. “Am I not skilled enough to bake my own cake?”

“You made that?!” Jonghyun’s voice gasped next to his ear, making Key let out a quite girly scream.

Jonghyun looked back at Key with a smile, throwing him his best puppy eyes. Arghhh! Key wanted to grab those eyes, put them on the floor and jump on them! “Don’t scare me like that! I’m on the stove! I could burn myself you idiot!”

Jonghyun pouted. “Sorry…”

“Humm…so good..!”

Key’s ears perked up to the moan and his eyes fell on two huge, fat, human-like kitchen rats putting their fingers on his precious cake. Key felt like breathing fire and grabbed his weapon, his pink broom that he always kept in the kitchen.

A shadow fell on Minho and Onew’s back and Jonghyun watched the scene in amusement. Oh they did it. Key hated when someone fingered his food. Literally.


Minho froze to the sound of Key’s raged voice, his eyes looking like golf balls. Onew kept giggling and fingering the whipped cream of the cake, putting it on his mouth and making happy noises.

Key saw red. That pig.

Jonghyun laughed out loud, watching Minho run away from the danger zone, Onew wasn’t fast enough though, and end up falling on the floor, the broom hitting his ass and back loudly, making the other let out loud shrieks. “You RUINED my cake! Choi Minho come back here! I got enough for you too!”

Key ran after the screaming leader and Jonghyun wiped his tears, chuckling. He calmed himself and went to check on the cake. It was beautiful, there was whipped cream all over it and strawberries on the sides and top, oh, and finger marks too.
He smiled. Key was wonderful…

“Eh? Is that a cake? I didn’t saw it before!” Taemin approached him with a huge smile. “Can I-”

“Don’t, Minho and Onew hyung are still getting their punishment for touching it. Only god knows if we don’t get the same treatment just for staring at it for too long, you know how Key is.” Jonghyun laughed, making the maknae step back.

“Get away from my cake!” Key snapped, entering the kitchen again.

Jonghyun sneered. “See?”
Taemin nodded and both of them when to sit on the table.

Key gave them a suspicious look and started to place the food on each plate. He snickered when he saw Minho’s and Onew’s head peeping on the kitchen’s door. “Come in, dinner is ready, but stay away from my cake, I spent hours on it to get it right.”

The two boys entered the kitchen again with small steps and sited down. “We’re sorry.”

“The hell you are, that cake is too good for you to be sorry.” Key smirked, placing his hands on his hips.

“At least he knows.” Onew chuckled.

Key sat down and let the others taste the food, waiting for their opinion. Taemin was the first to smile and lick his lips. “It’s delicious umma!”

The others nodded, focused on eating the pasta. Key smiled, proud of himself, he wanted to improve his cooking skills to the maximum.

“You spent the day cooking?” Minho asked, reaching for his water.

“It relaxes me. I cleaned the mess you left and then I started cooking some recipes.” Key said before taking a bite.

Onew’s eyes shot open. “Some recipes? There are more?”

Key nodded. “I made Ice-cream.”

Taemin and Jonghyun jumped in their sit, cheering silently since their mouths were full.

“Eh, Jonghyun, you lucky bastard..!” Onew grinned.

The lead singer made a confused face and Key mimicked the expression. “Lucky for what?”

“If you two are a couple you’re going to live together right? Key, you’re a wonderful wife!” Onew nodded. “I’m jealous!”

Key blushed, forgetting to swallow his food. Live together? Wife? What?!

Jonghyun flushed and smiled, biting his lip. “Ah…I guess I am!”

Key looked at him. “How come we’re together?”

“Eh?” Jonghyun puppy stared at Key. “We are. You kissed me back.”

Key blushed hard. What kind of conversation was this to have at dinner time?!
“S-since when a kiss means marriage?!”

“Well, it wasn’t just a kiss if I remember correctly.” Jonghyun grinned, making Minho and Onew laugh.

Key gasped and whispered angrily. “Shut it! Taemin’s here!”

Taemin giggled and shook his head. “Don’t worry about me umma, I know what sex is.”

Key stared at the younger in horror. “He’s corrupted! Who did that?!”

Taemin laughed and continued to eat, ignoring his over protective friend.

“Key.” Jonghyun called to get his attention back.

The diva gave the singer a weird look as the other stood up and walked to his side, grabbing his hand. “Be my boyfriend?”

That word sounded so bizarre.
Not a girl but a boy.



Key stared at the other in shock as puppy eyes stared back at him in anticipation.
The other boys stopped eating to watch, waiting for the answer and Key looked at them. “But…the band-”

“We’re okay with it Kibum. We can keep it a secret.” Onew smiled. “Don’t worry.”

Jonghyun licked his lips in a nervous gesture. Why was Key thinking about it for so long?

“I-I don’t know…” Key gagged hesitantly; suddenly find the floor so entertaining.

Jonghyun got on his knees to reach Key’s eye level and pulled his chin up. He saw the other blush, biting the inside of his cheek. “Key…give me a chance. Please?”

It wasn’t just lust?
He really wanted to take it seriously..? Date him?

He’s asking you, isn’t he?

But…was HE ready? Did he like Jonghyun the same way? How did he even know that?!

Feel your heart…

…Feel the heart? Key stood quiet as the sound filled his ears.

Thump Thump… Thump Thump… Thump Thump…

He felt it. It hurt. Pounding violently against his ribcage, his heart kept the strong rhythm, stronger than anything he had felt before.
Key felt his eyes water.

Jonghyun…what did you do to me?


Why did he have to say his name with such caring tone?
Why did he have to whisper it to him that way?


Do it.

“Okay.” Key whispered only loud enough for Jonghyun to listen.

Oh god. He said it. From now on he was…

“Kibum, you’re mine now.” Jonghyun smiled, a pure smile of happiness, before leaning in and placing his lips on Key’s.

Key whimpered to the kiss but quickly gave in. He felt so strangely happy. A big part of him had been missing this contact, Jonghyun’s smell, Jonghyun’s lips, Jonghyun’s touch.

Are you trying to make me fall in love…?

Jonghyun’s eyes looked at his own and Key flushed, feeling naked. His eyes were too penetrating, too intense to look at for much time, they made him shiver.
Why was he feeling so shy?
He was Almighty Key! Kim Kibum, the always shameless and full of confidence idol! He was a celebrity and he was…he was a normal boy.
He was just as silly and ordinary as any human.
He couldn’t really shell himself from feelings.
He was just a boy.

Took you enough time to realize it.

Key broke the silent, laughing.

He was so stupid.
He even had mental fights with his own conscience! What a fool.

But it’s fun, isn’t it?

“Key, why are you laughing?” Jonghyun asked in confusion.

Key smiled, amused with his own stupidity. “I’m just-no, nothing. It’s nothing.”

“So, everything is alright?” Jonghyun asked, making sure he wouldn’t change his mind.

“Yes it is.”

Wow, it felt good to say it without worrying so much.
He watched Jonghyun grin and then he was pulled to a rib-breaking hug.


Key froze.
His three friends had stopped eating to stare at them, looking like they were watching a sappy drama. Taemin had actual tears in the corners of his eyes.
Key blushed and pushed Jonghyun away. “Where are you looking at?! I’m not a zoo attraction! Everyone hurry up and finish your godamned food! I still need to clean the dishes! ”

Ah, the nagging diva was back.
Jonghyun smiled. That was a good sign.


He couldn’t believe this.
This really didn’t went as he has planned. He had convinced himself to wait for the boys to come home to have a serious conversation with Jonghyun and tell him that they needed to stop whatever they were staring for the band’s sake.
But that dinosaur was faster.
He had to act all sappy on him and make him melt. Key wasn’t the one to do sappy things but he really liked when people did it for him. He liked it a lot.

His plan was to return on being friends with him, normal friends.
And now, he was his boyfriend.

Everytime he thought about that he felt himself panic. He never had a relationship before, let alone a gay one!

Don’t worry so much.

The voice in his head again. God, he was going crazy for sure.

You already are.

Oh great. Just wonderful, his own conscience was mocking him. So he was THAT ridiculous.

Key sighed and entered his room, feeling tired and worn out.
Onew had practically swallowed the whole cake in less than five minutes. He had a whole on this stomach, it was the only explanation, no human could eat so much like that.

Key put on his pajamas and entered his bed.

Knock Knock

Key groaned. He was just about to turn off the light..! “Enter.” He said, not bothering to open his tired eyes.


Oh, now he had to open them. “What is it Jonghyun?”

Oh no. no, no, no, no, NO. Jonghyun was walking to him, pillow in hand. There was NO way he was going to sleep in his bed with him!

“Can I sleep with you?” Jonghyun asked in a small voice, almost afraid to hear the answer.

Key nodded. “Sure.”


When you’re tired, you’re easier to manipulate Kibum. I’m not your conscience; I’m your deepest desires.

Ah fuck.

Jonghyun smiled brightly. “You’re letting me in? Really? I was expecting you to throw me out really.”

Key groaned, covering his face with his hands. “So did I.”

“Hum…ok? Scoot.” Jonghyun made his way to the bed, putting his pillow next to Key’s.

Key rolled over to the other side of the bed, his body and mind too tired to fight back.
He felt the bed crook to the other’s weight and heard a content sigh. He light was turned off and he felt two arms wrap around him right away, pulling him closer till his back hit the singer’s chest.



“You’re pushing your luck.”

“I know.” Jonghyun chuckled in the darkness, resting his chin on Key’s shoulder.

“We’re not married to do this. Only married couples do this.” Key pointed the obvious, feeling his eyes getting heavier by second.

“I know.” The older boy repeated, pressing a light kiss on Key’s cheek. “Goodnight Kibummie...”

A goodnight kiss? He could get used to that…
Strong arms squeezed his body and Key felt it.
The feeling of protection, body warmth, Jonghyun’s characteristic manly smell, the other’s heartbeat against his back, the sound of his steady breathing.

This was heaven.
Maybe he should pay attention to that tiny voice in his mind more often…


Isto agora é um update atras do outro lol

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Qua 8 Fev - 18:34:47

yup, vou fazer uma sequela desta historia e tornar as coisas mais interexantes ainda *evil laugh*
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Flaming Charisma
Flaming Charisma

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Qua 8 Fev - 19:42:50

hoje a primeira coisa q fiz foi ler o capitulo:D mesmo muito fixe...e fazes bem em fazer sequela:D
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Qua 8 Fev - 19:52:48

a sequela vai ter...MPREG!!!! >w< tou doida pa escrever uma mpreg x'D
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Flaming Charisma
Flaming Charisma

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Qua 8 Fev - 19:55:56

:O OMFG :shock:
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Qua 8 Fev - 20:06:40

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Qua 8 Fev - 20:09:51

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Flaming Charisma
Flaming Charisma

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Qua 8 Fev - 20:10:27

omg...tou pa ver...:P ahahah
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Qui 9 Fev - 14:15:20

eeeehhh tou ansiosa pa escrever exas partes serio. mas vou meter um bokado de drama e angst tas avisada >< mas no fim td acaba bem x'D odeio historias cm finais tristes >_>
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Colorful Soul
Colorful Soul

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Qui 9 Fev - 17:46:34

tão querido este capítulo ^^ mesmo fofo, gostei imenso =)
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Flaming Charisma
Flaming Charisma

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Qui 9 Fev - 18:28:40

eu tambem odeio finais tristes...ja chega na realidade as coisas nao acontecerem como queremos...:)
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY   Sab 11 Fev - 1:18:37

Chapter 7 – Not that confident anymore

A month passed by quickly and Jonghyun moved to Key’s room without his consent, not that Key minded him, he had grew used to the idea of that warm body next to him.
However, for everyone’s surprise, the nights at the apartment were quiet, no moans, and no screams. Why? Key was too scared to take things to the next level, so they kept with the kissing and light touching. Jonghyun said that he wouldn’t rush him but he sure looked frustrated when Key stopped him.

Key’s fear started about two weeks ago…


Key and Jonghyun were on the couch and Minho, Onew and Taemin were on the carpet, watching TV when Minho turned his head towards an annoying kissing sound. The boy rolled his eyes. “Get a room.”

Jonghyun chuckled. “Don’t give me ideas.”

Onew turned around too and joined the conversation. “I wonder who tops.”

Minho gave Onew a disgusted look. “Don’t talk about that!”

Key raised an eyebrow. “What are you even talking about?”

Taemin sighed and turned around. “They’re wondering who would be the bottom of the relationship Key umma. The one who gets penetrated.” He explained, gesticulating it with his hands.

Key blushed hard and gasped, kneeling to Taemin’s side and putting a hand on the maknae’s mouth. “Don’t talk like that in front of me! How do you know these things?! Oh my god what happened to you?!”

Taemin moved Key’s hand away and chuckled shyly. “I grew up, I’m not a child anymore umma.”

Key slapped his hand against his forehead in a dramatic way. “Omo…this is horrible…”

Minho stared at Key with a thoughtful look and pointed him a finger. “I bet Key is the bottom.”

Jonghyun fought the urge to laugh as Key paled. “…What?”

“Yeah. He’s more girly, thin and all delicate, Jonghyun hyung is more muscular.” Onew nodded.

“What? I’m taller! Doesn’t that count?!” Key shouted.

“Not in bed since you’ll have to lie down.” Taemin chuckled, making everyone laugh.

Key gasped in shock once more. “Lee Taemin!”

Flashback End

That was the problem. He had been thinking about it and he couldn’t really picture Jonghyun bottoming to anyone. That meant they were right, he had to be the one doing it but- ARGH!
Key felt his cheeks burn. How did he even-?!
He felt like screaming in frustration. He had never thought his ass could be used to those kinds of things! He liked girly music, sure, he admitted he moved a bit more girly than the others too, yes, but he never considerate himself gay. He had told the whole world that he was the one who would get a girl and marry first!
That was the past now and he knew he liked Jonghyun. He didn’t regret a second of that.
But he wasn’t ready to that yet.
No, not yet…

“Key! Snap out of it, we’re here.” Onew called him to reality.

They were in their black van who was taking them to a music show to promote their album. Ah, well, better get back to work.


After the amazing performance, Key’s cellphone vibrated on their way to the cafeteria. “Hello? Oh, it’s you Mir.”

The boys sat in a table and Jonghyun sat in front of him, letting Onew sit next to his boyfriend, they did that a lot so people wouldn’t get suspicious.
“What? Tonight? Omo! I forgot it!” Key’s eyes hot open.

Onew gave him a quizzical look.

“I’m sorry! Eh? We need to ask first…wait a minute” Key bit his lip and turned to the leader. “It’s Mir’s birthday, he’s asking us to go to his party tonight.”

Taemin clapped. “I wanna go!”

“I’ll talk with the manager, wait a bit.” Onew stood up and walked to the other table where the man was, talking with crew members.

Five minutes later Onew came back. “It’s all set. We don’t have a schedule tomorrow, just practice.”

Key squealed happily and pressed the phone on his ear. “Yah! We’re going! Yes! Eh-you little! I’m not going to buy you anything!”

The night came quickly and the five boys stood in front of Mir’s house, each one carrying a gift that they had to buy in a rush.

“Ah! My favorite diva!” Mir opened the door and bear hugged Key, lifting him in the air.

“Yah! Let go! You’re crushing your present!” Key yelled.

Mir grinned. “So you did buy me something! I knew you would. Come in!” He told them, opening the door wider, letting them pass.

Key smiled. That night he wasn’t going to drink.


Key opened his eyes and groaned when he felt his head aching. He got drunk last night.

He moaned in pain and hid his face in the pillows. At least he knew this was his bed, it smelled like him.
Gosh, he had promised himself that he wouldn’t drink…whyyyy…

It took him almost ten minutes to gain courage and stand up. He looked to the bed and saw Jonghyun sleeping soundly, covers spread all over the bed.
Key rubbed his eyes and walked slowly to the kitchen, he needed water and painkillers. Strong ones. Gosh he could barely open his eyes…everything was too bright…

Key yawned and groaned. Even the sound of his own yawning was too much for his head to handle. Argh…
He took the glass of water and shivered. His body was feeling kinda cold…
Placing the pills in his mouth, he swallowed the water, making a face. Jesus...what did he had to drink last night?! His throat felt weird!

Sometimes bumping into walls, Key walked to the bathroom and did his usual business before looking at himself in the mirror to wash his face. Damn his hair was horrible...
He walked away to return to the room when he caught his reflection in the mirror again.

Why was he naked?

He shook his head and rubbed his eyes, looking at his reflection again. Ohmygod he was naked! Why was he naked?!

Panicking, he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist, running to his room. He opened a drawer and took out a pair of boxers.
He looked at his bed. They didn’t do it…did they? No…it wasn’t possible, he would feel it if they had done it right?

He grabbed his ass and squeezed it. It seemed just fine.
Key sighed loudly.
He was safe. Maybe he was feeling hot during the night and undressed; he used to do that when he was little.

Calming himself down little by little, the rapper stole one of Jonghyun’s t-shirts and sat on the bed, resting his back against the pillows. He hoped he hadn’t done anything stupid…


Key looked at Jonghyun and grinned. Was he dreaming of him? Aigo, so cute…!
The younger slowly moved closer to the warm body beside him and tried to cuddle when he felt something hard and cold poke him.
Eh? What was that?

He lifted the covers a bit to see Jonghyun’s hand grabbing…a camera.
Shit. That was the hell of a bad omen.

He took the black machine out of his lover’s hand and turned it on, quickly taking the earplugs out of the drawer on his left and plugged them in.
He remembered most of the party, the balloons, the music, the birthday song, the cake and the drinking games they ha- …oh. Drinking games. He should have guessed.

He took a deep breath and pressed play.

The first thing that the camera recorded was Minho’s face. He was turning the camera on.
So no one had taken the camera to the party, they just filmed it at home? Good.

“I need to film this..” Minho laughed, and grabbed the camera, moving through the house, in Taemin’s room’s direction.
He entered it and let out a laugh to the sight.

“Taeee, get out! You’re not a monkey!” Key shouted to the boy who was currently trying to piggyback his chest, arms strongly wrapped around the rapper’s neck and his legs around his lower back. “You’ll make us fall!”

“He said-he said he was a banana and Key was the tree!” Onew laughed, pointing at the younger boy.

Jonghyun entered the room and laughed beside Minho. “Key, did you popped out a baby while I was out? He doesn’t look like me! You cheater!”

Minho laughed, shaking the camera while he did it.

Taemin only buried his face on Key’s neck. “I’m not a baby, I’m a koala.”

Key waved his arms in despair. “That’s it! Time for bed!”

Key pushed Taemin by his chest, making the maknae fall backwards on his bed. The boy started to scream and spazzed, throwing his limbs in every direction like a maniac. “NOOOO! Momma koala left its child to diiieeeee!!!”

Key chuckled. Even drunk and being stupid, Taemin could be cute.

Onew yawned and passed through Minho, waving to the camera. “Good night!”

Key tucked Taemin in his bed and kissed his forehead. “Go to sleep baby koala.”

Minho turned the camera to Jonghyun and passed it to him, making it record weird angles. “Take this; I already filmed what I wanted.”

The screen went black.
Oh. They didn’t do anything wrong. Wow. He was actually surprised.
Minho and Onew didn’t look drunk in the video; Taemin was obviously smashed and Jonghyun too. Yeah, he remembered now, he had insisted to Taemin to stay out of drinking games but the little brat still did it, saying he was no child.
No child huh? Yeah, you’re not a child, you’re a koala right?
Key wanted to laugh.

“Key…? Oh god…what happened…?” Jonghyun groaned. Pressing his eyes shut in pain and massaging his head.

The rapper chuckled. “Hangover happened. I took my painkillers already, you should too.”

Jonghyun made a disapproving sound and turned to Key, hugging him. “What’s that…? Is that…”

Key chuckled and made room for Jonghyun to cuddle with him. “No. I thought the same thing, but there is only five minutes or so of Teamin pulling out a fight against his bed. Quite funny actually.”

“It’s not over.”

“What?” Key asked in confusion.

Jonghyun studied the camera and nodded. “The film is not over, you pressed the stop button.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did, see this symbol in red? Over here. Maybe you clicked it without knowing, that thing has buttons everywhere.” Jonghyun explained, yawning. He could use another hour of sleep, he felt so tired…

Key’s lips formed a ‘O’ when he got what Jonghyun was trying to say. “Oh, I see. Yeah, you’re right. ”

Pressing the play button again, another scene came on screen.

“See? I’m always right.” Jonghyun said, resting his head against Key’s shoulder.

In the camera, Key’s drunken face appeared, smirking. He adjusted the machine in the angle he wanted and stood back a little, making his body visible. He was only in boxers.

“Oh, what a good start.” Jonghyun chuckled.

Key blushed. Jonghyun had seen him in boxers before but…argh! Now that he was his boyfriend he got shier around him! It pissed him off sometimes, he wanted his confidence back!

“What is that for Bummie..?” Jonghyun said in a husky voice, behind Key, wrapping his arms around the boy’s waist and pressing butterfly kisses on his shoulder.

“As weird as it may sound, I want to piss myself off.” Key in the camera snickered and moved backwards to lean on his lover's chest. “I’m recording us.”

“Why is that?” Jonghyun asked, smirking.

“Jjong, you have no idea how messy my head is when I’m sober. I think too much...I want to show myself what I'm losing...” Key smiled and pressed a kiss on the singer's lips.

Key raised an eyebrow to the camera and Jonghyun laughed nervously. “Is it just me or you’re having a fight with yourself here?”

Key didn’t reply. Why the hell did he want to humiliate himself?!

"You're so weird Key...I like it." Jonghyun in the camera whispered with a small smile.

Key chuckled and moved on top of Jonghyun, sitting on him and pushing him down, pressing kisses on his neck and slowly moving to his chest and abs.

Key licked Jonghyun’s chest painfully slowly, leaving a trail of saliva till he reached the elastic of Jonghyun's boxers. With a seductive smirk, Key pressed a kiss on his clothed erection, making Jonghyun let out a gasp and lick his lips. "Key..."

"You're hard...have you been thinking naughty things Jongie?" Key teased, massaging the other's tights and pressing small, light butterfly kisses on them.

Jonghyun groaned. "Key...don't do this to me..."

Key palmed Jonghyun's clothed erection and licked his lips before pulling the boxers down, taking his lover's member in his hand. He stared at it for a bit and his cheeks got even redder. "I've been curious..."

"A-about what..? AH!" Jonghyun gagged and gasped when Key kissed the head of his burning member. "Key...!"

Key smiled to himself, obviously satisfied with his lover’s reaction, and gave the member a experimenting lick, making Jonghyun let out another moan. The rapper licked again and made a sound of approval. " taste good..."

Jonghyun was about to talk when he let out a loud moan, Key taking him fully inside his mouth. "Fuck..!"

Key was in shock.
Oh god.
He had a cock on his mouth. A very oddly beautiful cock.
And he didn’t seem disgusted; he seemed to like it, sucking it quite happily like it was a huge lollipop.

“You…you’re a totally different person while you’re drunk aren’t you?” Jonghyun murmured beside him, his face red and mouth opened.

Jonghyun knew he had a hard on by now, this was too much for him to resist. Key was so fucking sexy...the way he looked at him, the way he had teased him and…oh gosh… those small pink lips were on his-

“Oh my god…” He heard Key gasp and his eyes widened to the camera.

Jonghyun bit his lip but couldn’t help the loud moan that escaped him as he hit the orgasm, holding Key’s head in place. “Fuck! Fuck Key…!”

Jonghyun panted in pleasure and Key licked his lips, a small trail of cum dripping from the corner of his mouth. “Was I good?”

“Fuck baby, you were great…” Jonghyun half-gasped, half-smiled.

“You’re saying the word ‘fuck’ a lot, but I’m telling you, you’re not gonna have it tonight. I can’t be that drunk.” Key snorted and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Jonghyun grinned and pulled Key to him, pecking his lips. “Don’t worry. I’m sure we can still have fun before that. I can wait.”

“’re too good to me..” Key smiled, giving his boyfriend a short kiss.

Jonghyun licked his lips and his hands travelled up Key’s legs till he reached his ass, squeezing it. “I can be better if you allow me to…”

Key sulked. “I told you, no-”

“I didn’t mean that. Come on, take off your boxers, let me do something for you.” Jonghyun whispered, smirking.

Key gave him a mischievous smile and pulled his boxers down, throwing them to god knows where. “What now?”

Jonghyun pulled a pillow and rested his head on it. “Come here little fox, here, right in front of me..”

Key eyed him suspiciously and sat on Jonghyun’s chest quite awkwardly, blushing. “This is embarrassing…”

Jonghyun smiled and grabbed Key’s hips, making him rise a bit. “Key, sit on my face.”

What?! Key looked at Jonghyun by his side, who looked as surprised as him. That boy had some strange fantasies!
No, there was no way he would agree with that! Dream on Kim Jonghyun!

Key blushed hard. “YAH! That’s weird!”

“Trust me, I’ll make you feel good, don’t worry. Come on. Don’t you trust me?”

“Sometimes I don’t…”

“Trust me now.”

Key gave him a nervous look but approached his boyfriend slowly, blushing hard, hands on his face.

What?! He had actually agreed with this?! What were you thinking Key?! Stupid, stupid, stupid, shameless drunk bastard! This was so embarrassing! He couldn’t watch anymore!

“Oh my god what are we doing?!” Key finally had to courage to shout, hands on his eyes, not covering much since his fingers were wide open.

“I don’t know but…it’s really hot…” Jonghyun answered, not taking his eyes off the screen.

Jonghyun was licking his lips, sometimes biting them, red-faced, with his eyes glued to the screen. He was enjoying this. And for the obvious tent in the sheets, he was enjoying this way too much.
Key gaped at the singer and pointed down, to his crotch. “You…you’re…?”

“What do you think? This is porn Key, I bet all my money that you are too.” Jonghyun replied.

Key blushed, feeling his own boxers a bit too tight and looked down. “Please, can we-”

“I’m not stopping the video, not now. This is getting too good. The drunken you is right you know, you think too much.” Jonghyun chuckled and pressed a kiss on Key's lips, rubbing his cheek. “Just…let’s watch this okay?”

“Jjong…! Ah…”

Jonghyun had his mouth pretty busy now. Having Key practically sited on his face he could easily reach his balls and lick them, making Key hold onto the headboard of the bed for support, shivering in pleasure.
The older male didn’t lost time on making the diva scream, taking him on his mouth, mimicking Key’s moves just a while ago.

“Jjong-! Fas-faster…”

The camera was capturing Key’s back and suddenly Jonghyun let his left hand go from Key’s ass and poked his fingers against Key’s lips. “Suck.”

Key was too drunk and too busy moaning to actually understand or ask why, he just opened his mouth and sucked on Jonghyun’s fingers obediently.
Jonghyun pulled them out after a few seconds and let his hand move down to Key’s back again.

Key's eyes widened. He wasn't going to do what he was thinking he was going to do, right?!

Jonghyun’s hands squeezed Key’s ass cheeks and spread them a little before pushing his wet finger inside the younger boy.

Key gasped loudly and let out a pained cry. “You-you bastard…!”

Jonghyun fought the urge to reach down and touch himself; he knew Key wouldn’t like that but- fuck! He was aching!
He fingered Key…! He has been inside him! Just the thought of it was making him crazy.

Jonghyun in the camera said nothing; he kept sucking Key, moving his finger right in front of the machine, letting it capture the scene. After a while, he didn’t have to move much, Key was shoving himself on the finger, panting loudly. “J-Jong…ah…! That’s…”

Jonghyun quickly added another finger and pushed the two of them inside, making Key scream, orgasming.

Key whimpered in shame, his face burning. He orgasmed over fingers in his ass…

After a small make out session, Key pulled away. "You know...that kinda hurt at first..."

"But was worth it, wasn't it?" Jonghyun smirked, pulling Key's chin and pressing another kiss on his lips.

Key nodded and moved to the camera, grinning at it. "I'm going to freak out in the morning when I see this...yeobo, take this for me?"

The younger boy grabbed the camera and passed it to Jonghyun, who pointed it to him.
Key made an angry face to the camera. "Sober Key! You're an idiot!"

Key gaped at himself in the camera and heard Jonghyun laugh by his side.

"Jonghyun! Don't give up on me, ok?" Key pouted.

"What are you talking about? I won't." Jonghyun's voice came from the camera's background.

Key shook his head. "I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to Jonghyun in the future, the sober you."


Key yawned and waved goodbye. "You can turn it off now."


He had humiliated himself. How could this be...? Was he stupid?!
He knew he was right though, he always thought too much. He wanted Jonghyun to touch him, he really did, he wasn’t a prude, he got turned on too but…he always felt so nervous and scared.
He didn’t even know what he was scared of, Jonghyun was amazing, so caring, so perfect. So why was he so terrified of doing anything with him?

"I'm not going to give up."

Eh? Key turned his head to Jonghyun, who was staring at him with a serious look. “I’ll never give up on you. I love you Key.”


Key’s eyes widened. Love… Jonghyun loved him.
That was the first time he had said it…
A warm feeling grew inside Key, so strong that made him want to cry. But he didn’t.

“I love you.” Jonghyun gave him a smile, his eyes shining with honesty.

Key smiled back. He was right, Jonghyun was perfect.


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AHAHHA ta muito fixe...amei a mensagem q o key bebado mandou ao key sobrio q 'pensa demais'...excelente mesmo
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eheh thank yoooouuu <3 Monkey 3
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so agora eu reparei que sigo esta fanfic no asinfanfics 0.0
e tou a amar ho meu deus começei a laer ontem e li todos logo seguidos e hojefui ver tinha mais um cap e depois agora e que vi que tava aqui a mesma

                     No one never really said that life was easy then why was i so restless, so careless.....


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OMGGG <3 <3

cada vez melhoor!
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Juu XP escreveu:
so agora eu reparei que sigo esta fanfic no asinfanfics 0.0
e tou a amar ho meu deus começei a laer ontem e li todos logo seguidos e hojefui ver tinha mais um cap e depois agora e que vi que tava aqui a mesma

looool kual é o teu nome lá? adiciona-me cmo amiga x'D
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o meu nome é joanafr3
vou ja se entender como^-^
edit:ja esta

                     No one never really said that life was easy then why was i so restless, so careless.....


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Juu XP escreveu:
o meu nome é joanafr3
vou ja se entender como^-^
edit:ja esta

oki ^^ ja tams conectadas ^^
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hehe *-*

                     No one never really said that life was easy then why was i so restless, so careless.....


 Ultimate Bias : Taemin♥️Nichkhun  Ultimate son: Chanyeol  Ultimate OTPJongKey♥️2min  Bias List ultimate  Ruiners: Myungsoo♥️Xiumin   (─‿‿─)

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okay babes, hoje vai haver mais um capitulo ^^ e este vao ADORAR
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Colorful Soul

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omg omg can't wait <3
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Chapter 8 –The power of jealously

“Jinki.” Jonghyun called. “Can I talk to you for a second?”

This was his opportunity. Key was in a photoshoot and he was alone with his friends, it was the perfect time to ask for advice. Not that Onew was very experienced with relationships but he was his hyung, he was supposed to help, right?

Onew walked down the hallway to the couch in the living room. “What is it?”

“Hum…” Jonghyun looked around to check if the maknae was close by, he didn’t want him to listen to these things yet. Ok, clear. “It’s about Key.”

Onew’s eyes shot in curiosity and he sat down, crossing his legs. “What happened?”

“It’s rather what didn’t happen actually. You see…two days ago, after the party me and Key…well …we…” Jonghyun gagged. How was he supposed to say this?!

“You two didn’t let anyone sleep. You only shut up at 5 a.m.! I felt like crying!” Minho came walking from the kitchen with a bag of chips, complaining.

Jonghyun blushed and made a face. “Well…that yes. We were really wasted and we did some things. ”

“Who topped?” Minho asked with a naughty smile, sitting on the armchair in front of them.

Jonghyun punched Minho’s leg lightly. “Yah!No one did! Pervert!”

“You didn’t do it yet? You sounded like you had microphones attached to your mouth! You were really loud!” Onew exclaimed, surprised.

“Okay! Sorry for that! I’m really sorry okay?! Thing is…Key only let me do things when he’s drunk. Normally, he’s really, really shy. I don’t know…I feel like he’s afraid, or pissed, I can’t really tell.” Jonghyun pouted. “Honestly, I don’t know what to do…”

“Well, I’m not going to help you go back to the screaming that soon.” Minho laughed and Jonghyun tried to hit him again, making the other giggle even more.

“Humm…It’s weird. Key obviously likes you, we all can see it, and he’s the most shameless, direct guy I know.” Onew nodded. “I don’t know…”

Jonghyun sighed. He had been wrong; they couldn’t help him after all…
He looked down, he needed to think of something. He had made everything he could to get Key comfortable with him but it wasn’t enough it seemed. Something was missing.

“I think I know what it is.” Taemin’s voice came from behind him.

Jonghyun jumped in surprise and looked over his shoulder, Taemin had his arms crossed, resting on the couch’s back. “How long have you standing there?!”

“What do you mean? Hyung, he was always there.” Minho laughed, eating his chips. Taemin walked to the taller boy and stole some, putting them on his mouth.

After taking his sweet time swallowing the chips, Taemin put a hand on his hip and pointed a finger at Jonghyun. “You were too easy.”

Jonghyun blinked stupidly.
Onew and Minho exchanged looks.

Taemin sighed and smiled in confidence. “Key hyung is a boy too, not a girl, and you kind of treat him like one, I’ve been watching. Give him the chance to be the one fighting for you. A challenge!”

The tree boys looked at each other for a minute in a silent dialogue. The kid was actually making sense...but how the hell did the maknae know about relationships?
Onew decided to speak first. “I think Key is right, you’re corrupted, who told you those things?”

Taemin gave him a grin and made a peace sign. “What can I say, I’m too smart.”

Jonghyun raised his eyebrow and looked at Taemin like he had grown two heads. “Oh my god…I think I just heard Key talking. He’s been spending too much time around him! He’s starting to talk like him!”

Taemin only smiled sweetly and shrugged. “Just think about it hyung.”

Jonghyun bit his lip, actually taking the maknae’s words seriously. “But what kind of challenge?”

“What about jealously? Go out with a girl.” Minho proposed.

Onew laughed. “You mean suicide.”

Make Key jealous? That sounded like something he really didn’t want to do… however, it could have interesting results…
How would Key look like when he got jealous?
Would he get teary and all red? Maybe pouty, begging him to come back to him and then they would have hot sweet make up sex. That would be awesome...

Yeah…that or he could just beat the crap out of him and leave his corpse in a trash can in the middle of a cold winter night.
Suddenly…he didn’t felt like making Key jealous at all…

Taemin made a thoughtful face and sat on Minho’s leg, stealing some chips. “That’s dangerous but…efficient. You can’t overdo it though. He could get really angry and break up with you.You can’t hurt him. Just make him feel a little bit threatened.”

“Break up? No, no, I’m not going to do it then. That was a very bad idea.” Jonghyun said, shaking his head.

“No it isn’t. Key hyung is really possessive even if he doesn’t show it. If you give him just a small dose of jealously I believe things could get better between you two.” Taemin nodded. “I say, call a friend and invite her here, don’t flirt with her, let her flirt with you. If you flirt back, I’m sorry; you’re probably dead by then.”

Jonghyun gulped loudly.


Later that night

Ding Dong

Onew looked at Minho in confusion. “Are we waiting for someone?”

Jonghyun ran from the bedroom and went to get the door, grinning. “Yes we are.”

The two friends exchanged confused looks once more.
The lead singer opened the door and bowed. “Welcome! Please, take off your jacket, dinner is almost ready. Guys, come say hi!”

Minho looked over Jonghyun’s shoulder and looked back at Onew in shock, waving his arms like a maniac and mouthing silent words.

Onew whispered. “What? I can’t hear you..”

Minho ran to Onew and whispered on his ear. “That. Guy. Is. An. Idiot!” He said, hands on his hair, pulling it.
Onew frowned and looked at the girl by the door.

Se Kyung.
Oh shit.
Oh my god.
Oh shit.

Onew’s mouth dropped to the ground and met Minho’s widened eyes. “Is he a retard?!” He whispered.
Minho groaned in frustration and hid his face on Onew’s shoulder. “I can’t watch this.”

“Jongie, who is it?” Key came from the kitchen, Taemin following him behind, both of them wearing aprons.

“Oh, Key, I didn’t warn you, we need another plate on the table.” Jonghyun smiled. “We have a guest.”

“Hello everyone. Sorry for the intrusion.” The girl smiled sweetly and bowed politely.

Key froze.
Se Kyung…?

Taemin’s eyes started to match his hyung’s eyeball sizes and waved to them, mouthing them silently. “Is he an idiot?!”

“I know right?!” Onew mouthed back.

Taemin slapped his hands on his face. Se was rumored that Jonghyun dated her, but it wasn’t true. Truth was…he never wanted anything with her, but she, however, didn’t bother to hide her attraction to the singer.
She was…obsessed with him.

It all started when they became friends and everything was alright. Then she became annoying, calling him every day, everytime. She wanted him, there was no doubt, and even being tired from work, Jonghyun being the fool he was, never said no to the lady, always going out with her.
Key didn’t like her, he told them that she was stealing his bestfriend, and there was a time that Jonghyun never hung out with him, Se Kyung always called, making plans for them both.
Key got really angry and they fought, screaming at Jonghyun, saying that he had other friends too.

Key bowed politely and glared at her. “Welcome.”

Onew, Minho and Taemin gulped at Key’s icy tone.

Jonghyun forced himself to smile, a drop of sweat escaping from his forehead. This meant he was jealous right?


Taemin felt awkward.
Everyone was on the table, eating silently while Se Kyung just wouldn’t…shut up. She kept chatting and chatting, but she wasn’t chatting with them, she was only talking with Jonghyun. Her attention was focused on him only and he could feel the thick tension in the table. Worse. He was sitting right next to Key and…if this was an anime, dark; storming clouds would be floating around his friend’s head. He looked furious.

Taemin shivered.
This wasn’t good.

“Ya…the meat is too salty. Who cooked this?” Se Kyung frowned, making a face.

Everyone’s eyes widened and stared at Key in horror.
She…complained about his food.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Is it too salty?” Key forced a smile.

“Eh…Next time I’ll help you out. I’m sure we can be good friends!” She smiled to him.

Key’s smile widened. “Help me out…? Next time…?”

Jonghyun paled, watching his lover grin.
Taemin felt like crying and hid his face on his hands.

“Sure. Why not? Please let me serve you my special dish. I’m sure you’ll love it.” Key smiled, standing up and taking the unfinished plate from the girl and disappearing behind the counter.

“Ah, thank you! Key oppa is really nice!” Se Kyung said, and her eyes fell on Jonghyun again. “So tell me oppa, any girl got your attention yet?”

Jonghyun choked on his food and punched his chest lightly. “Ah…no.”

The girl pouted. “Eh? Maybe you need to search closely. You know what they say: love can be found right under our noses!” She giggled.

“Very close indeed.” Onew whispered nervously, looking at Key behind the kitchen’s counter.

Taemin moved his chair a bit to the side, watching Key move around the counter, grabbing a few things. What was he doing? They had finished everything already.
Wait a minute…was that..?!

“Here. Finished. Try this out. Not salty at all!” Key came to the table, and putting a nice looking dish in front of the giggling girl.

“Ah thank you! I knew you could do better than the previous one.” She smiled and took a bite.

Taemin held his breath, watching at the girl’s plate in horror. Minho noticed his face and gave him a confused look.
Key just smiled nicely.

“Humm…it’s…” The girl started to say and suddenly stopped, her facial expressions changing dramatically. “Oh god…”

Everyone stopped eating to look at the girl.

“Oh god! …Hot! HOT!” She screamed, drinking her water quickly.

“Oh, did I fail at something?” Key faked a gasp. “You’re right;I’m a really terrible chef.”

“OH MY GOD! GIVE ME THAT!” She screamed, almost lying on the table, grabbing the other’s glasses of water, drinking them frantically.

Jonghyun watched in horror as the girl’s lips started to engorge, getting really red.
She looked…like a fish.
Onew couldn’t help but chuckle, quickly slapping his hand on his mouth to stop his laughing.
Key’s rule number 4 – Never insult his cooking.

After an hour, Se Kyung’s face didn’t seem any better and she hid it under her scarf, grabbed her jacket and walked out of the door.
Key waved happily. “Bye! I’ll try to improve my cooking skills! Come again!”


The five boys stood in silence, looking at the door.
Key turned around and his eyes fell on Jonghyun. The other three boys stepped back instantly.

“You.” Key pointed at his boyfriend, his voice as cold as an iceberg. “You’re cleaning the kitchen.”


Se Kyung sat on her car and looked in the mirror.
Her face was ruined! How was she supposed to film tomorrow?!
That guy…! Key…he had spiced her food…on purpose!!! How dare he?! What was wrong with him?! She never did a thing to him!
Could he be that angry just because of the food? No, no one was that mad over food!

Could it be…
Was he…jealous?

No. It couldn’t be, could it?

When Jonghyun had invited her to dinner and she couldn’t be more thrilled. He had never asked her out!
She was a bit disappointed when he said it was in his house but it was still something. But then he didn’t sound so enthusiastic. He was quiet all night!
What the hell?

Something was wrong…she dint know what but one thing she was sure of: Kim Kibum, this is war.


Key was fuming. He sat on his bed after leaving Jonghyun in the kitchen cleaning the mess his friend left behind.
He just couldn’t believe it! He dared to ask her to dinner with them! What the hell?!
They never had any girls in their apartment! Well…Amber would show up sometimes…but she wasn’t the kind of girl that would flirt shamelessly with anyone!

And Shin Se Kyung…that…whore.
He couldn’t help but curse her. He couldn’t be cool around her. He wanted to stay quiet and calm, but he just couldn’t!
He saw the way she looked at him, the way she pouted her lips to him, the way she bat her eyelashes to him, the way she smiled at him! Argh!!!!

Jonghyun was his!!!


Key looked down, his pen now broken in two.

He was jealous.


“That wasn’t smart at all hyung.” Taemin sighed, entering in the kitchen.

Everything was a mess. Plates everywhere, Se Kyung’s food on the floor…
Jonghyun had a long way to go till he could go back to his room.

The singer nodded, turning to get the dirty towel of the table. “Yeah…maybe it was a bit stupid…I know he hates her.”

Taemin took his yellow apron and decided to help out. This has been his idea too… “Yes he does. And I don’t blame him; the girl wants you and doesn’t hide it at all.”

Jonghyun chuckled. “Wants me? No, she’s just…nice. Annoying nice.”

Taemin rolled his eyes. Sometimes his hyung could be so slow.

“She doesn’t like you? I’m the Queen of England then!” Onew entered the kitchen, Minho following him.

“I bow to you my queen!” Minho gasped dramatically, kneeling down.

Onew made a serious face and pulled his jeans up, showing his red socks. “Kiss my shoes.”

Minho looked up and burst out laughing. “You’re not pretty enough.”

Taemin giggled at his hyungs and turned to Jonghyun again.“ She’s obviously flirting; everyone knows she’s dying to date you, hyung. When I said to you needed someone to flirt with you, I meant someone who could pretend it! She’s serious!”

“Yeah. Looks like someone is going to sleep on the couch tonight.” Minho nodded.

“Nah, he still has his room.” Onew pointed out.

Minho shook his head. “That was before Key used it to make a massive wardrobe.”

“He did?” Onew asked. “Seriously?!”

Minho laughed and raised his eyebrow. “You never saw it? You never leave the kitchen, do you?”

“Not really.” Onew grinned, shrugging.

“Is the cleaning done?”

Everyone shut up, looking at Key by the door.

“Ah..yes, it’s almost done umma.” Taemin nodded, grabbing a towel to dry the dishes that Jonghyun had been washing.

“Take off that apron. Go wash your teeth and go to bed Taeminie.” Key approached the maknae and ruffled his hair.

Taemin looked around. The kitchen was still so dirty… “But I was help-”

Key took off the apron for him and let it suspended on his arm. “Just go.”

Taemin nodded, giving Jonghyun an apologetic look.
Jonghyun smiled at him, giving him a sign to go.
The maknae bit his lips and pushed Onew and Minho out of the kitchen. “Let’s go hyungs.”

Key sighed and put on Taemin’s apron, his own being used by Jonghyun.
He had bought this one for Taemin only; he found it cute, especially when it had small fruits all over it, with red letters on the chest ‘Careful, still learning.’
He took his promise seriously, he was going to teach Taemin to cook, it was fun to see the maknae freak out when he did something wrong and how he jumped in happiness when he didn’t. It meant quality time with his son too.

He made a bow on his back, tying the apron around his waist.
Jonghyun watched him in silence, surprised to find that Key was going to help him.

They stayed quiet for a while, just working on getting things clean.
Jonghyun was nervous.
Was Key that mad with him?
He was really getting his ass kicked wasn’t he? He looked furious before.

“Do you like her?”

He needed to make sure the kitchen knife was out of Key’s reach and- w…what?
Jonghyun blinked and looked at his left, where Key had been standing, drying the plates.
The boy had his head down, hair falling on his face.

“What are you saying?” Jonghyun chuckled. “Me? Like her?”

“You must like her. You invited her here.”

Key’s voice sounded weird…
“I don’t-”

“You didn’t say she was coming either…do you like her Jonghyun..?”

What? What was wrong with his voice..?
Jonghyun frowned. It sounded like he was…
The singer grabbed Key by the shoulder’s forcing him to face him.

Jonghyun’s heart broke.
Key’s face was all red and puffy, small tears accumulating on the corner of his eyes. “K-Key…!”

“Don’t touch me.” Key pushed him, turning around and wiping his face with the back of his hand.

Jonghyun ignored his warning, his chest aching.
He had done this to him.
Key was crying! What had he done?!

He approached the other boy, hugging him. “Kibummie, I’m sorry, I didn’t thought that-”

Key pushed him again, this time forcefully, shouting. “You’re sorry?! So you know you did something wrong! If you wanted me away you just needed to say it! You didn’t have to shove her on my face!”

“Key, I don’t like her! I have you!” The shorter boy shouted back.

“If you have me then why did you invited her? You know she likes you! Am I not good enough for the amazing Kim Jonghyun?” Key yelled, snorting sarcastically. “What am I saying?! Of course I’m not! I don’t have a hole between my legs and silicone balls in my chest! I’m just an ugly b-”

Jonghyun pressed Key against the kitchen’s counter and kissed him.
Key tried to pull out, punching Jonghyun’s chest in order to make the other let go. Thankfully, his body was strong enough to resist the beating.
After a minute, he felt Key relax in his arms and wrap his arms slowly around his neck.
He took the opportunity to open the other’s lips, shoving his tongue inside.

Key whimpered, and pressed his body closer.
He loved this boy. How could Key think that he liked that annoying girl? Her voice was just too irritating and she didn’t have a strong personality like Key did.
Key was funny, Key was serious when he had to, Key had that lovely Diva attitude that he knew how and when to use it, Key nagged but he couldn’t help but love it, Key was strong minded, he was an excellent professional, he was beautiful, he was…

“You’re my everything Kibum.”

Key opened his eyes, meeting those puppy look alike ones.
A shiver ran down his body as the man before him said those words. Suddenly, Se Kyung wasn’t a problem, he wasn’t in a boy band, he wasn’t famous, he wasn’t angry either.

He just felt one thing.
He was in love.

He was in love with the boy in front of him.
Nothing mattered anymore.
Jonghyun was his. No one else’s.
Just his.


Jonghyun was surprised.
He was starting to believe that he was really going to sleep on the couch the night, and now, there he was, on Key’s bedroom, on his bed half-naked, and having his lips ravished.
Something must have snapped inside Key. He felt him different; there wasn’t that annoying tension in the air, that icy fear. Key was burning.

Jonghyun groaned when he felt Key’s hand palm his clothed erection. This was new; he was the one being played with. Key was on top of him, having his way with his body and Jonghyun had to say, it felt good.

He let the rapper toy with his boxer’s elastic and gasped as cool air met his shaft. God, Key was really into it. And they weren’t drunk!
Oh my god, they weren’t drunk! He wasn’t going to forget this tomorrow, this was reality, it was really happening!

Jonghyun felt a burst of energy inside him. He needed to take control.
Rolling Key on top of his body, he pressed the younger on the bed, attacking his neck.
Key gasped, his body reacting quickly at every single touch.
He never felt so sensitive, his body was on fire, his skin was burning him, it felt hard to breathe.
But he liked it.

A strong hand connected with his pants, bringing them down along with his boxers. He didn’t felt nervous. This was so weird. He felt free, he just wanted it so much.


Key let out a gasp when a wet tongue touched his nipples, licking and sucking them. He let his hands grab Jonghyun’s hair and bit his own lip. Fuck. He thought that only girls were this sensitive in that place…!

Jonghyun devoured Key’s small, pink buttons in his chest, feeling the other’s body shiver to the contact. This was exciting, he knew he had done this before, but this was different, so much different. He wanted to make Key moan his name…He wanted to have that lean, long, milky white body shaking in pleasure..
The lead singer pressed butterfly kisses on Key’s tummy, slowly reaching his crotch.
This was so new to him. He had only done these things when he was drunk…
He took Key’s erect member in his hand, giving it a few experimental strokes, his eyes never leaving Key’s face.
The boy looked so beautiful…his eyes were closed and his small mouth was opened in a silent gasp, hair falling perfectly on his face.

This boy was his.
His Kibum.

Jonghyun positioned himself in between his lover’s legs and spread them. Key was beautiful. He couldn’t help but tell himself that over and over again. He wanted to kiss…every part…of his body…

“Aah!” Key let out a low scream, putting his hands on his mouth to cover his moans.

Jonghyun’s mouth had closed around him, wetting his flushed member and sending him the most incredible sensations through his body.
It felt too good..! “J-Jong..!”

Jonghyun moaned lowly, kissing the head of Key’s cock. He licked his lips, making Key blush.
“You taste good…”

Key blushed even more. “Shut up.”

The singer smiled and let his mouth take Key, doing his best to take all of him.
Those moans, those gasps, they just got him even more aroused..!
He wasn’t lying, Key did taste good. He thought that would be a little weird to put it on his mouth but…it felt natural.
So…he was just going with the flow, letting his body do his work.

He massaged Key’s balls, feeling them grow tighter. He was close to the orgasm…

“J-Jonghyu…stop! Stop..!”

No, no, no, no, no!
Why now? No, he couldn’t be back to his nervous self , not now!

Jonghyun looked at Key with a disappointed face.
Key chuckled and shook his head. “I don’t want to finish yet..”

Jonghyun looked at him with confused eyes. “What do you mean?”

Key made a sign with his finger, calling Jonghyun up.
The shorter boy obeyed, moving on top of Key. Fuck, this position..! He was right in the middle of his legs…both members pressed against each other.

What Key whispered in his ear…he really wasn’t expecting it. “…Take me.”

Jonghyun’s eyes widened and he stared at Key. Take him? He meant…all the way..? “Y-you mean..?”

Key nodded slowly, blush covering his face.

Jonghyun’s mind went blank.
Shit. Oh fuck.
Was this really happening? He thought that Key just wanted to fool around a bit…
He wasn’t prepared for this at all…! Wait! He just couldn’t do it like it was done with girls..! He needed something..! Oh my god where did h-

Key chuckled at his lover’s panicked expressions and kissed him.
Jonghyun’s breathing went back to normal and he looked into Key’s eyes. “A-are you sure you want to do this?”

Key nodded.
Jonghyun nodded back. “O-okay…I need som-”

“On my drawer. I have lots of balms. Just take one.” Key told him.

Key was nervous.
No, he was panicking. But he wasn’t going back. His body was on fire, why deny it?
He knew Jonghyun was nervous too, it was written all over his face and it relaxed him a bit knowing that he wasn’t the only one.

Jonghyun opened the bottle and let his fingers take a generous dose of hand cream.
He looked at Key as asking for permission and the other bit his lip, nodding.
Jonghyun took a deep breath and spread those long legs, his eyes falling on his target.

“Don’t stare at it!” Key groaned, blushing. “Just do it.”

Jonghyun nodded and let his finger circle Key’s opening, teasing him softly before pressing his finger inside.
Key whimpered and covered his face. “This is too embarrassing…”

Jonghyun was fascinated though. He watched as his finger was swallowed easily by that tight opening and he licked his lips. His own member was aching, begging for attention.
He ignored it, pressing kisses on Key’s tights. He needed him to relax, he was too tense.

Jonghyun took Key’s member on his mouth once more, making the other gasp.
As he gasped, he felt his finger get more space inside. Yes, this was the trick to make him feel comfortable.
He poked the second finger on the pink opening, slowly sliding him in.
Fuck…Key was so hot inside..!


“How does it feel?” Jonghyun asked, moving his fingers slowly inside. He didn’t want to hurt Key at all. He was terrified of hurting him.

Key closed his eyes. “Hum..Weird..”

“Good weird or bad weird?” He asked, his eyes falling on his fingers. Were two enough? Maybe he should add another..

“Just weird…” Key whispered, his breathing getting really irregular.


Jonghyun looked at Key, noticing that he had closed his eyes, probably trying to feel something more.
Fuck. He was so inexperienced at this! He had read about this, this could be pleasurable; he just needed to find-


Jonghyun took his fingers out immediately, startled. “Did I hurt you?”

Key groaned. “Fuck you Kim Jonghyun! Fuck you! Fuck you!”

Jonghyun kissed Key’s tights apologetically. “I’m sorry babe! I’m so sorry!”

“You should be! You pulled out just when it felt good! You’re such an idiot!” Key glared at him.

Jonghyun’s eyes widened. Oh.
Jonghyun let his fingers slip in again, making Key sigh.
It…had felt good..?
There..? No, where was it again? …Here?


Yup. Here.

Jonghyun smiled to himself and touched the soft spot inside Key again, making the other jump. “That…that’s..!”

“Does it feel good?” Jonghyun whispered.

“Y-yes..! H-Harder. Press them harder..” Key panted, his eyes getting dangerously glassy.

Jonghyun licked his lips and shoved his finger inside. The younger covered his mouth, muffing a loud moan.

Jonghyun felt his face get really warm.
He felt Key’s opening tight and relax around his fingers as he hit his sweet spot. He bit his lower lip. He just couldn’t wait anymore…! “Key..”

“I’m ready.” The younger panted. “Do it.”

Jonghyun didn’t needed to be told twice.
He grabbed a pillow and placed it under Key’s lower back, giving him the angle he needed.
He placed a kiss on Key’s lips and took his aching member, positioning himself. “Just tell me if it hurts..”

Key nodded and made his best to relax. He knew this was going to hurt though.
He felt something hot poking his opening and blushed. Making love with Jonghyun…he would laugh if someone had told him in the past.

Jonghyun pushed slowly, his eyes falling on Key’s face. The other frowned, whimpering.
“Relax baby, relax…”

The tip was inside now, okay, he needed to do this slowly…
Pushing inside very carefully, Jonghyun felt Key’s walls tighten around him, sending him shivers of pleasure. “Hunhm..”

“Y-you remember those times when I made f-fun of your dick?” Key suddenly asked.

Jonghyun looked at him. “Yes?”

“Well…I won’t anymore.” Key whispered, his voice cracking.

He was too big! This wasn’t going to fit..! It really hurt!
Shit. Shit. Shit.



“I’m going in.”

W-what? Wasn’t he already in? There was mor-AAAHHH FUCCCKK!

“Aaahh! Shit!” Key cursed, his nails making holes on Jonghyun’s back.

Jonghyun kissed Key. “Sorry love. It’s all in now…”

Key didn’t have the energy to scream at him. He felt…full.
It was a strange feeling. But a good strange, he felt connected…

“I love you, you know that right?” Jonghyun whispered, placing soft kisses on Key’s neck and jaw. “I love you Kibum..”

Key felt himself melt to the words, his body relaxing immediately. “Jjong..move.”

Jonghyun covered Key’s mouth with his own, slowly moving in and out of his lover. His boyfriend. His Kibum.
Key moaned against his tongue and Jonghyun stared to thrust a little quicker.

Key broke the kiss and hid his face on his lover’s neck, panting. “Deeper..”

Jonghyun shoved himself inside that body, feeling Key’s legs wrap around him.
“Th-there! D-don’t stop..!”

It felt too good. Key was so tight, so hot inside! His member was being squeezed inside those delicious soft walls, making him moan in pleasure.

“Ah..! ahhh!”

Key’s voice never sounded so beautiful…

“J-jong! F-faster..!”

Key was a panting mess, waves of pleasure ran through him everytime Jonghyun pounded inside him, hitting his prostate.
He felt so full, so fucking turned on, so shameless.. “Fuck...harder…fuck me harder…!”

Jonghyun’s eyes widened to Key’s choice of words. He wasn’t the one to curse…this was new, and hot.

The muscular boy made sure to slam himself inside his boyfriend, this time, making him scream. He felt Key tighten around him. “Touch yourself Key…”

Key panted, grabbing his erection. He was almost there…!
“J-Jong…kiss me…”

The older boy let his tongue slip inside Key’s mouth, tasting him, ravishing his mouth in a heated, messy, wet kiss. Key moaned and he moved to his long neck, biting softly.

“J-Jong, I’m,… I’m cu- aaah!”

Jonghyun felt Key’s burning walls squeeze his member inside him, sending him to the stars.
He let a loud moan, hitting his orgasm.

Key sank his nails on his lover’s back, moaning as he rode out of the strong orgasm, cum all over his chest. He panted loudly, and couldn’t help but smile as he felt Jonghyun moan on top of him, a hot liquid being shot inside him.

This was it.
He was now Jonghyun’s.

Jonghyun panted, still inside of the younger boy. He looked at Key, who gave him a small tired smile. “I-I love you..”

Jonghyun’s eyes watered. Key loved him..

“Yah. You big baby, don’t you dare crying on me!” Key chuckled, hugging his boyfriend.

Jonghyun laughed, wiping his eyes. “I’m sorry..”

Key whimpered when he felt Jonghyun remove himself out of him. Geez...his body was so sensitive now..!
Jonghyun pressed a kiss on his lips. “I came inside you..”

“I noticed.”

“Shouldn’t we go clean up..?”

“Not on my first time. No, on my first time I’m staying smelling like sex and dirty all over, cuddling to sleep like it’s supposed to be.” Key poked him in the chest, letting his head rest on Jonghyun’s shoulder.

The singer chuckled and pressed a kiss on the rapper’s forehead. “As you wish my little diva.”

Jonghyun smiled to himself.
In the end…he really had make up sex.

No, this wasn’t just sex.
This was love.

He looked into Key’s feline eyes and felt his heart burn in happiness. This was so right…
That night many things happened. That night, both boys fell in love with each other all over again, connecting both body and soul. That night both tasted true happiness, falling asleep on each other’s arms.

And to think that everything started with their crazy drunken desires…


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eu nao me aguento, eu ja ando a escrever a sequela sem ter acabado esta x'D
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Dunken Desires (ENG) +18 JONGKEY
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