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 Two in a Million (sequela de Drunken Desires)

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MensagemAssunto: Two in a Million (sequela de Drunken Desires)   Qua 29 Fev - 9:20:27

Aqui está a sequela de Drunken Desires, fiz este trailer pa apimentar as coisas:

Chapter 1 – A strange letter

The Shinee boys had left their apartment for their mini vacations, a week with their family.
Back to his hometown, Key took this golden opportunity to go to the cemetery to visit his beloved grandmother; he would sit there, telling her about his career, the new countries he had visited, how different their culture was from their own, the things he liked the most, the awards they won, and most importantly, tell her that he had fell in love.
He knew that, somewhere, his grandmother was listening to him, smiling.
He knew that that woman was an open minded person, a fighter with the heart of an angel, she would support his choices in life to the fullest.

He missed her, he couldn’t help but let some tears fall from his face every time he returned to the cemetery but he knew that she was all right wherever she was, and that she would always watch for him.

For a few days, Key stayed home and called some old friends, surprising them. It felt good to relax like this, no cameras, no schedules, no nothing.
However, on the very second day his father left the city to work and his mother, being a nurse had to follow her busy schedule, leaving Key alone at home.

Yes, this is what felt to be back at home. He wasn’t expecting his parents to have time for him; they didn’t when he was a kid, that wouldn’t change now and he was aware of that. It hurt him though. In the past he would stay with his grandmother and he wasn’t left alone completely, but now…

The silence was killing him. He didn’t like silence, living with the boys made him get used to screams, shouts and loud singing…
This house felt cold, lonely and dead; worse, it didn’t feel familiar. It felt…odd.
He had spent nights in hotels that felt cozier than this home.
Everything in here felt so formal, so strict. His parents were rich, so it was normal for them to have a decent home, the fact was, it could be decent but still comfy, but no, there were no photographs, no bright colors, and no life.

His phone vibrated in his pocket and he smiled. Well…at least now he had a very nagging boyfriend that wouldn’t leave him alone. He took the pink cellphone out and stared at it, chuckling.

From: Gorgeous Dinosaur <3
Keeeeyyy! I want to go back home! That demon wants to poison me! I miss your food!

Key rolled his eyes. By demon he was most likely referring to his sister, he knew she couldn’t cook, he had tried to teach her once…and she didn’t explode the whole kitchen because he happened to have water next to him. He felt sorry for Jonghyun.

To: Gorgeous Dinosaur <3
Eh? You only miss my food? You men are pigs. Go learn to cook your own food. KekekexD

He typed his response quickly and didn’t bother to put it back on his pocket, he kept staring at it and seconds later, he got his response.

From: Gorgeous Dinosaur
Yeobooo! You know it’s not like that! I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiis much! :D

Key smiled, that guy could be cheesy even through the phone. Incredible.

From: Gorgeous Dinosaur <3
But you know what? I’m going to try to do something, it can’t be any worse than her cooking. >o< Okay! Pray for me! Buhbyeeee ma love!

Key’s eyes widened. Jonghyun in the kitchen? Now he was genuinely worried, he didn’t know who was worse, Jonghyun or his sister, both of them could only cook chaos and destruction.

Key stood quiet, in the middle of the dark living room, thinking.
Talking about chaos…his mother had told him once that she was thinking on selling his grandmother’s home but…
He had nothing against really, he was realist, she was gone and her house wouldn’t do much without an owner, so he could only agree with it. But he really wanted to visit again, he knew that by his mother’s lack of free time the house could be mostly just like his grandmother’s left it.
Key smiled, an idea popping in his mind.
He was going to clean it. That house didn’t deserve to be left abandoned like that; that house was the opposite of his own, it was bright, colors everywhere, it irradiated energy and happiness, warmth…

Key ran to his mother’s office and searched for a very old pair of keys.
After a while, he finally found them. Wow, it had the same keychain too, a small stuffed turtle that he had bought for his grandmother’s birthday when he was little.
Key didn’t lost time; he filled one of his family cars with cleaning items and drove off.

It took him half an hour to get there and he smiled to the view. This felt like home.
He got out of the car and left his things by the door, searching for the keys in his pocket. He looked around while he was at it, noticing that the grass looked like a forest, he needed to cut it too.


Key pushed the door open and frowned. Gosh!!! It smelled!
Key’s eyes widened. His mother didn’t bother to open that door since his grandmother had died for sure! It wasn’t supposed to have this odor!
She had died almost three years ago now, and she never visited her own mother’s house?!

Deciding to stay calm, Key sighed and pulled out a mask, tying it on his face.

“Okay! Let’s do this!”


Far away from Key, in Seoul, a dark haired actress was arriving home after a tiring photo shoot.
Shin Se Kyung was a perfect model and she really did her job beautifully, no one could say the opposite, she was very professional and focused, however, out of the spotlights of the cameras and flashes, the young woman had a secret.

It started months ago when she started to suspect that something was going on with Jonghyun and Key. After the horrible incident in the SHINee apartment, the girl declared war to the rapper purely out of hate. But now…the hate grew into disgust...and jealousy.

Months ago, she rented an apartment in front of the band’s building. She needed to know what was happening in there, why Jonghyun started to treat her differently, why he lost interest in her, why he wouldn’t reply to all of her texts and calls. He was polite all the time but…too formal. She felt like he was talking to his mother and not to a beautiful, attractive woman.

One day, she entered the building next to theirs and grabbed her binnacles. She knew that what she had been doing was a bit extreme and probably obsessive and she really did felt like a stalker but…she got her answer.

It was a shocking sight. For weeks, she never saw anything abnormal and she really thought of letting them go but one day…she saw it.
Jonghyun was in the sofa watching TV and Key came with a bowl of porporn, it was natural for two friends to do that, what wasn’t normal was the fact that Key rested his back in Jonghyun’s chest and the older male wrapped his arms around his waist, kissing his neck.
That wasn’t fanservice. They didn’t knew that they were being watched, so why..?
Then they kissed…and her world crashed down.

Jonghyun was kissing a boy. Another male. And it didn’t look like it was the first time, the boys kissed like it was the most natural thing in the world. So disgusting!
Key…had tainted Jonghyun. He messed with his head, he wasn’t gay! He wasn’t like that and she was sure of it! Jonghyun liked women!

She had to do something…
Jonghyun was going to go back to normal again. And she was going to make him hers.
Yes, that was the correct way, she was a woman and he was a man. Key had no chance against her.

The actress smiled to herself. She had an idea.
Yes, Jonghyun was going to be hers…


Key groaned, his back aching, but let out a huge smile.
He looked around, satisfied with his work. He had opened all the windows, letting the smelly house be filled with fresh air and sunlight, the small, cute kitchen looked like new again, he had picked up flowers and put them in jars too, spreading them all over the place.
He remembered how he used to watch his grandmother cook in that small old stove and try to understand what she was doing and how. She used to be an awesome cooker and Key had always wanted to be like her, he wished to bake cakes like she did; tasty, perfect looking cakes.
They used to spent a whole day in the kitchen, she never got tired of teaching him new things and she never ran out of patience with him, correcting all his mistakes and make him see where he had failed and why.

He smiled to the memory.
Yes…this was a cozy home, bright and colorful…small but pleasant. So full of happy memories.

He took out the yellow rubber gloves and looked to the stairs in the hallway. There was only one room left to clean, his grandmother’s room. He thought he would be stronger, that it would be easy enter that room again, but it wasn’t. It hurt.

Slowly, he pushed the door open, looking into the darkness of the room.
He shivered. He felt scared even.
He knew that he wasn’t supposed to feel that but…he felt so weird…

“You’re not a little girl Kibum.” He told himself loudly.

He let his hand slip to the wall, finding the light switch, turning it on.
His heart skipped a beat. He wasn’t expecting this.

The room looked likeit had been used just now.
The covers in the bed were messy, like someone had just woken up in there, a dress was on top of a chair too, and he remembered how the old woman used to put the clothes she wanted to use on the next day in that same chair.
It felt like…she was still in there, alive.

He knew she wasn’t though. She had died in a Sunday morning, and that explained why the bed was still messy.
Key felt his fists tighten. No one had entered that room since her death… not even her own daughter…his mother.
How could that woman be so cold…?
He loved his mother but…he had to say the truth, he loved his grandmother more. The old woman had been a fighter, a true mother for him, his real mother.
He knew how rebel he was in the past, how he had shouted and how mean he used to be, and she never gave up, never let go of him, never left him alone…like his mother did.
Key closed his eyes and opened them again, trying to shake memories out of his head. He wasn’t there to cry, he was there to make his grandmother happy again, he knew she was watching him.

He went to the window and opened it, brightness filling the room, making him see dust more clearly.

Fifteen minutes later, the bed had new sheets, the floor was shining and the air wasn’t so thick like before. He was about to clean the glass of the mirror when his phone rang.
He took off the gloves and grabbed the vibrating cellphone. “Hello?”

“Keeeeeey! I made it!”

Key winced to the loud shout in his ear. “Yaaah! Don’t scream like that!”

He heard Jonghyun chuckle in the other line. “Sorryyy. I’m just so happy! I can feed myself!”

Key smiled to his lover’s proud voice. He could imagine the older boy grinning on the other side.“Yeah? What did cook?”

“A sandwich!”

Key slapped a hand against his face. He was dating an idiot. “You’re kidding right?”

“No, no. I really did it! It was yummy too! I’ll make you one when we get back home!”

Key sighed, sitting on his grandmother’s chair by her desk. “Jonghyun…a sandwich is the most basic, easy, ridiculous thing to do. It’s not even cooked, that’s hardly a meal. Go eat something more before you starve yourself to death.”

“Key…let’s go home early.” Key could tell the boy was pouting now. He was so obvious.

“Eh? What for?”

“Aren’t you bored in there?” Jonghyun asked, sighing. “I’m bored to tears…”

“I’m cleaning my grandmother’s house. No one entered it since she died…” Key said in a icy tone.

Jonghyun gasped, his voice suddenly sounding serious. “Really? Your mother didn’t-”

Key shook his head. “No, she didn’t. I can’t believe how cold she is, it doesn’t seem real.”

“I’m sorry baby…”

Key looked around, letting out a smile. “It’s all pretty and shiny now though. I made a good work on it, I need a long bath before this too, I must smell and I can see dust in my hair. So gross…”

“Come home with me and I’ll help you bathe.” Jonghyun said in an overly innocent voice.

Key smirked, catching his boyfriend’s real intentions. “Right. You’d probably get me dirtier than before.”

Jonghyun chuckled. “Oh you bet.”

Key blushed and shook his head. “Oh god, I’m not having this kind of conversation in my grandmother’s room.”

“Eh? You’re in her room?” Jonghyun sounded ashamed now.

Key nodded to himself and palmed his tummy. “Yup, It’s the last thing to clean, then I’ll go home, I’m starving.”

“Hurry then, I don’t want you sick.”

“Same goes to you, eat something decent. Only god knows what you put in that sandwich.” Key laughed.

“Cook it for me. Let’s go homeee.”Jonghyun made a childish voice, making Key chuckle. Jonghyun could be so cute sometimes. He loved it when he pouted, looking like a child whose mother didn’t gave him what he wanted.

“You’re in your home already.” Key pointed out.

“Our home.”

“It’s the boys’ home too, it’s not really ours.” Key chuckled.

“Then let’s buy one.”

Key blinked,his heart stopping for a few seconds. He…wait, what? “W-What?”

“I want to live with you Key.” Jonghyun said in a determined voice, surprising Key.

Oh my god.
Was this for real? Living with Jonghyun…? He had never thought of that...
Have a home of their own..? Wow, it sounded really weird but…a good weird…
Key felt his lips grow a smile. “Are…are you serious about that?”

He heard a nod. “I want our privacy. I love the boys, they’re our family but…I really want us to have our own home…like a real couple…”

Key wiped the tear that had escaped his left eye and let his hand rest against his forehead. Was this really happening? Jonghyun that serious about him…that would look like they were…married, right?
Oh god! He felt so happy right now…

“-and have my dirty ways with you in the kitchen, in the living room, in the-”

Key gasped. “YAH! You dog! That is why you want to move out?!”

Jonghyun chuckled and made a husky voice, making him shiver. “You know it’s not, but think about it…you’d be in the kitchen, baking a cake…then I’d get out of the bath still wet and I’d wrap my arms around you, kissing your neck, moving my hands lower…”


“I’d take you right there, on the table, making you wear only an apron…” He could tell that Jonghyun was probably licking his lips now, showing that playful tongue of his. That tease.

“Is this some fantasy of yours?” Key asked, smirking. “I never knew you liked my apron so much.”

“Don’t laugh at me. I really miss you.” Jonghyun made his whiny voice again.

“Kim Jonghyun let go of that phone and help your sister outside.” A male voice was heard in the distance. Jonghyun’s dad’s voice.

“Just a minute dad.” Jonghyun replied.

“Now.” The older male’s voice was heard again. Key stayed quiet. The last thing he wanted was his dad know that he was currently talking to hi-

“I’m talking with my boyfriend.” The singer said casually.

Key’s eyes widened and his hand flew to his mouth, covering it in shock. Was he trying to piss his dad off on purpose?!

“NOW!” He heard the door slam loudly. Crap.

Key bit his lip, worried. “…You’re still fighting? You told me you had talked to him...”

He heard a nod. “I did and we’re fine, he just…he’s not taking this well. Us, I mean.”

Key sighed. “You provoked him just now; you could have said that you were talking to a friend or a girl…”

“Yah!I’m not telling the things he wants to hear. I’m not letting you go so he better get used to it, I’ll always tell the truth, you know I hate lies.” Jonghyun said in a very serious voice.

“I know, I just…I feel bad for making you fight with him.” Key whispered. It really broke his heart, he didn’t want Jonghyun to fight with his family over him…family was a really important thing and he knew how he loved his…

“Kibummie…you were the best thing that happened to me, never feel sorry.” Jonghyun seemed to read his thoughts and he couldn’t help but smile to that.

“Jonghyun!” Jonghyun’s dad yelled in the distance.

The singer groaned. “I have to go now, I’ll call you later.”


“Love you Key!” Jonghyun shouted, probably wanting his father to hear it.

“Love you too.” Key chuckled to his boyfriend’s childish actions.

He hang up and smiled to the phone. Whoa…
A warm feeling burned inside his chest, making him shiver all over. Jonghyun was fighting for him, fighting to make his family accept him no matter what, and on top of that…he wanted to live with him. Like a real couple he said.
Key always said that he wanted to marry first, and he wasn’t lying, but now…he knew he couldn’t marry Jonghyun, he was a male after all, but he could move in with him…that almost meant the same thing.
The rapper smiled, a real honest happy smile.
He loved him, he loved him so much…

Key shook his head, still grinning, he knew he was looking like a school girl but he really couldn’t help it. Jonghyun made strange things to him.
He put his phone on the desk and started to stand up when his eyes caught a glimpse of paper.
Key looked to the desk, beside his phone was an envelope with a pen beside it.
…Was his grandmother writing a letter just before she died..?
Was that possible?

Should he look…?
Not resisting to his curiosity, Key grabbed the envelope and pulled out the sheet inside. It was his grandmother’s handwriting, he remembered it.
She had her very own style to write the le- wait…that letter was meant for him…? Yes, he read his name right. His grandmother had been writing a letter to him…!

‘Dear Kibummie,

Grandma is getting sicker day by day and I know my days by your side are coming to an end, I feel it inside me. And I feel like I need to tell you something that it was hidden from you for a long time now. Your mother never told your dad, only me and the doctors know about it, but your mother never wanted you to know, but I really feel like you need to.
When your mother had you, you came to this world in a very special condition, but the doctors kept it as a secret since your mother was their friend.
I don’t feel like I’m the right person to tell you this, so I’m letting you have a phone number, a name and an address.
Maybe I’m just worrying about nothing, but I’d like you to visit the doctor that operated you when you were a baby, his name is Jung Dongwook and fear not, he’s a good friend of mine and a good person. You can trust him Kibum.
Remember that your mother loves you, so anything she did, she did it to protect you. I still think it was a mistake keep hiding this from you but you are growing into a fine young man and you’re filming Hello Baby, and…I can’t help but wonder. It’s only right for you to know this.
Visit the doctor, let him tell you everything you do not know.
Be happy Kibummie.

I will always love you,

Your halmoni’

Key was confused. Inside the envelope was a piece of paper with an address and phone number on it.
Operated? He had been operated as a baby? Why? What for?
He wanted to go and question his mother about it but…she was the one who didn’t told him in the first place, so she would probably deny everything. He needed to find out what was all this about. Why was this such a big matter?
His head was starting to hurt…
This didn’t make any sense…

He stared at the number on the paper for two minutes before grabbing his cellphone again.

“The number you dialed is no longer vali-”

Gah. No luck for him. Well…this letter was meant for him in a few years ago so it was normal for this man to change his number meanwhile.
He stared at the address, it was in Seoul.
He couldn’t wait. He was too curious. He needed to find out what all of this was about…!

He nodded to himself and pressed some familiar number on his phone, putting it on his ear.

“Key? Missed me already?” A happy voice was hear on the other line.

“Jjong, I’m going back to Seoul earlier.”

There was a long pause before he could hear a squeal. “Eh? Really?! When?”

Key looked at his grandmother’s letter.



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Data de inscrição : 18/02/2012
Idade : 23

MensagemAssunto: Re: Two in a Million (sequela de Drunken Desires)   Qui 1 Mar - 14:09:26

Não me digas que o Key nasceu hermafrodita!
Ou sou eu que ando a imaginar coisas a mais? xD
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Feminino Mensagens : 491
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Data de inscrição : 30/12/2011
Idade : 27
Localização : Samora Correia

MensagemAssunto: Re: Two in a Million (sequela de Drunken Desires)   Qui 1 Mar - 19:11:52

psst escreveu:
Não me digas que o Key nasceu hermafrodita!
Ou sou eu que ando a imaginar coisas a mais? xD

fogo pa, tu metes-me nojo! foste o primeiro a acertar xD

tambem o k nao falta aí sao pistas xD

no outro site ninguem ta a espera dixo xD ta td a pensar k é a sekyung k fikou gravida lol
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Masculino Mensagens : 7
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Data de inscrição : 18/02/2012
Idade : 23

MensagemAssunto: Re: Two in a Million (sequela de Drunken Desires)   Qui 1 Mar - 21:59:19

o que é que a sekyung ter ficado grávida tem a ver com o key em bebé? xD

eia, mas adorei, tá excelente, alta reviravolta!
quando é que vem o próximo? xD
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Feminino Mensagens : 491
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Data de inscrição : 30/12/2011
Idade : 27
Localização : Samora Correia

MensagemAssunto: Re: Two in a Million (sequela de Drunken Desires)   Qui 1 Mar - 22:24:51

psst escreveu:
o que é que a sekyung ter ficado grávida tem a ver com o key em bebé? xD

eia, mas adorei, tá excelente, alta reviravolta!
quando é que vem o próximo? xD

ta kuase xD
tou a ver se akabo esta noite ainda ^^' mas tou com tanto sono, vamos la ver xD
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Flaming Charisma
Flaming Charisma

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Two in a Million (sequela de Drunken Desires)   Qui 1 Mar - 23:39:29

uiii!primeiro capitulo faz querer mais!Agora é q o bicho vai pegar! AHAHAH xD
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Data de inscrição : 30/12/2011
Idade : 27
Localização : Samora Correia

MensagemAssunto: Re: Two in a Million (sequela de Drunken Desires)   Sex 2 Mar - 19:29:01

Chapter 2 - In your arms

Key unlocked the door of the apartment and smiled. Here he was, back at Seoul.

One week back at his parent’s house and he was missing this place already. His parents didn’t protest much when he said he would be back to Seoul earlier than expected, they didn’t spent much time home anyways...he didn’t blame them though, he had a full time job too after all. He had decided not to talk to his mother at all about the letter; he wanted to keep it a secret from everyone from now. He needed to find out what they had been hiding from him, and the curiosity was killing him…

Stepping inside the dark apartment, Key blinked in surprise and pouted slightly in disappointment. He was half expecting Jonghyun to be home already…

Grabbing his luggage, he closed the door and walked to his room, don’t even bothering to turn the lights on.

After putting his bags on the floor next to his bed, he heard a noise and his body tensed, freezing in place. A thief?!

With his heart pounding loudly inside his chest, Key peeked outside of his room to see a light coming from the end of the hall, the bathroom.

Running to the kitchen, Key made sure to don’t make a noise and grabbed a fried pan. Oh god…! This was the first time this happened to him! He felt adrenaline run through his body as he tiptoed to the bathroom’s direction.

Standing outside he heard another noise, sounding like…he really didn’t know. His heart was racing and his mind went blank. He just could think of one thing, he was going to catch the bastard who dared to step inside their house!

He tightened his grip on the fried pan, took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

There was a man by the tub! He ran to him and prepared himself to crack open his head with his domestic weapon when-

“AAAHHH! What are you doing?! Wa-aaahh!”


If anyone had a camera around, they really should capture this.

Key stood there, his arms raised in the air holding a dangerously heavy fried pan, and on the tub, half-naked, with his legs spread wide open hanging outside of the white porcelain was Jonghyun, with the most shocked face ever.

Key blinked stupidly, looking at the singer who fell into the water filled tub. “Ah…it’s you…”

“Yah! Of course it’s me! What’s wrong with you?! You could have killed me!” Jonghyun shouted, trying to stand up and failing dramatically, his ass falling on the water again.

“You’re not a thief.” Key stated the obvious, making Jonghyun look at him like he was a lunatic.

“What? You thought I was- will you let go of that pan?! You’re scaring me!” Jonghyun pointed at him, and Key blushed, putting his weapon down.

“You could have turned the lights on! You scared me! I really thought we were being robbed you jerk!” Key defended himself.

“I didn’t want to turn them on since I was making you a surprise, which you ruined.” Jonghyun sighed and Key looked around.


The bathroom was filled with candles.

Key gaped at him, blushing in embarrassment. “Omo…”

“Help me out.” Jonghyun said, stretching his hand at the blonde.

Key nodded and grabbed the other’s hand, and before he could pull him out…he was the one being pulled.

Key yelped in surprise as he fell in the tub and felt hot water surround him quickly. His…clothes…! That…that…

“Aigo! You stupid dinosaur! You ruined my clothes!!! What the hell were you thinking?!” Key yelled, struggling to get out of the tub, strong muscled arms holding him down in place. “Let go off me!”

He heard Jonghyun snicker behind him. “This is what you get for trying to hit me with that thing!”

“This is not funny! I have my clothes on! I’m soaked!” Key shouted.

“Then let’s take your clothes off, shall we?” Jonghyun chuckled softly, pressing light kisses on the rapper’s neck.

Key blushed when he felt something hard poke his back. When he fell in the tub, his back hit Jonghyun’s chest and he was practically sited on his lap, giving the other the opportunity to slide his arms around his waist.

Wait. Jonghyun was half-naked…and the candles…this only meant…

Key raised an eyebrow. “You made all of this to convince me to have sex with you?”

Jonghyun made his best puppy eyes, resting his chin on the blonde’s shoulder. “We never did it on the tub. Well, not all the way anyway. The boys are always around.” He whined in an innocent low voice.

Innocent my ass.

Key shook his head, a smile escaping his lips. “I can’t believe you…”

He felt kisses on his neck again. “Keeey, I missed you so much…”

“You could have just asked me normally you know, there was no need for me thinking you were a thief.” Key replied, trying to ignore the burning sensation Jonghyun’s kisses left on his skin.

“This is more romantic.”

Key snorted. “Me dividing your head in two doesn’t sound romantic.”

“We can still fix it.” Jonghyun smirked, his hands sliding inside Key’s soaked shirt, feeling his skin.

Key faked a dramatic disappointed voice. “You’re a pig, you’re addicted to sex.”

The older boy laughed and let his hands travel around Key’s torso. “Nah, I’m addicted to you.” He whispered, taking the blonde’s ear on his mouth, sending a shiver through Key’s spine.

“God, you’re so cheesy…!” Key blushed, closing his eyes, slowly giving in to the sensations that his boyfriend was creating on him.

“You love it.” Jonghyun whispered on his ear, giving it a lick, sucking on his lobe. Key let out a cry and the singer smirked.

He had learned that Key’s ears were really sensitive and he couldn’t help but abuse them everytime he was given the chance, he loved listening to those lovely whimpers.

Key didn’t reply, he did love it, but he wasn’t going to admit it.


“I need your help with something.”

Sekyung sat on her couch, and grabbed her white kitty, putting it on her lap. In front of her, in the armchair was a long brown haired girl, wearing glasses that looked too big for her small face. The girl smiled kindly. “I’m glad you still seek me out. Since you got famous you didn’t had the time to be with me so much anymore.”

The actress cackled and petted the kitty’s head. “I’m sorry Minjee. Fame is tough but you’ll always be my childhood friend, my bestfriend. How is school?”

“Things are alright. I’m going to graduate next week.” The girl smiled innocently, her big chocolate eyes shining behind her glasses.

“Omo…Already?” Sekyung gaped in surprise.

“Yes, you’ve been missing out that much.” The girl nodded, chuckling.

Sekyung bowed her head. “I’m sorry. I’ve been really busy.”

“It’s okay. I understand.” The girl, two years younger than the actress said with a small smile. “You said you wanted my help. What’s troubling you?”

Sekyung sighed. Minjee was the only one she could help her, she wasn’t that pretty and she could go unnoticed easily within crowds and that’s exactly what she needed.

Being famous, she couldn’t do anything by herself, so this girl, her childhood friend, was the key to all her doors. Sekyung shivered; just thinking about ’keys’ got her nauseous.

“You see…I’m in love…” She told the younger girl.

The girl’s dark orbs widened behind her glasses. “Eeeh! Really? That’s amazing unni!”

“I have been in love for a long time now.” Sekyung nodded, smiling. “I really love him..”

“You didn’t confess yet?” Minjee gaped at her in surprise.

“He has a b-…someone.” Sekyung whispered, her eyes darkening. She just couldn’t accept the fact that Jonghyun had chosen a boy over her. It wasn’t normal, it wasn’t natural.

Minjee bit her lip. “Oh. I’m sorry.”

The actress looked at her friend with determined eyes. “I need them to break up.”

The younger girl tensed in her seat. “But unni, if they’re happy…”

Sekyung shook her head. “He’s not. He can’t be. Not with that…person.”

“How are you so sure of it?” Minjee brought her knees to her chest, hugging her legs. “How do you know?”

“Believe me, I just am. Minjee, you’re the only one I can trust. Will you help me win my love?” Sekyung put the kitty on the ground and kneeled before the girl, taking her hand. “Please help me. I only got you.”

The girl bit her lip and sighed, smiling kindly at her childhood friend. “If you’re so sure of what you’re doing is right…I’ll help you unni. I’m your friend; I want to see you happy.”

Sekyung grinned, making the girl follow her actions.

Minjee was young and innocent, easy to manipulate, she was perfect.



Jonghyun’s eyes looked up in time to watch Key throw his head backwards, a single drop of sweat running down his long white neck. The vision was addictive.

The candles around them made the bathroom’ walls glow in a hot orange color, adding a hint of sensuality to the moment. On the wall, two dark silhouettes moved against each other in a magical, erotic dance, sounds of moans and gasps as their background music.

The bathtub was full, hot water spilling out everytime they moved inside, but he couldn’t care less.

Key was…inspired tonight. Jonghyun wanted to smile; it must have been the candles, he thought.

He took a tender, pink nipple on his mouth and let his tongue tease it, making sure to leave it covered in saliva, feeling it harden even more while his hands were underwater, squeezing, pushing Key’s ass against him, faster, deeper.


Jonghyun bit his lip, feeling Key tighten around him on purpose, squeezing his member inside those hot, velvety walls. “Fuck..”

Key only looked at him, smirking sensually as he rode Jonghyun to madness.

He liked when Key took control like this, he would get really confident, knowing how much power he had over him.

The heat in that bathroom was suffocating; he felt drops of sweat run down his face and back. Key’s nails were digging deep on his shoulders but he ignored the pain, focused on the faces that the younger was providing him. The blonde was moaning and gasping shamelessly, sometimes licking his lips to wet them, his chest was panting in desperation, pink excited nipples covered in spit, running down his torso to the water.

Jonghyun licked his lips, feeling his orgasm approaching quickly as his boyfriend shoved himself on his member, hitting that sweet spot inside him.

“Ah- ah- ah- J-Jong..! Please..!”

The singer got the message right away and grabbed Key, who wrapped his legs around him immediately, and spun them around, inverting places.

Key’s back rested against the cold porcelain of the tub and his hands searched for something to grab on above his head.

Jonghyun pulled out and slammed himself in quite forcefully, making Key let out a strangled cry. “F-fuck! Take me… take me!”

Jonghyun grunted lowly in frustration. Key was quite vocal when it came to sex and it excited him to the max, really.

“Faster…! I’m almos-t…ah..!”

Jonghyun took Key’s swollen red member on his hand and pumped in violently, making the blonde shout in pleasure. Fuuucck..

Key arched his back, orgasm hitting him hard, his cum dropping on his milky white chest.

Jonghyun chocked on air, Key squeezing his member hard enough to make him orgasm as well.

The blonde gasped, feeling the hot liquid filling him up, being shot against his tender, sensitive walls. He loved this, he loved the sensation of warm cum inside him and it made him wonder if he was a pervert. Key licked his lips, feeling Jonghyun’s weight start to crash on him.

Both boys panted against each other, tired and satisfied.

The water around them was still very warm and Key felt dizzy, this was too good, it felt like heaven. His hands rubbed his boyfriend’s back and Jonghyun pushed himself up a bit to stare into Key’s feline eyes.

There was no one in the world that could replace him. He loved his boy too much, way too much.

Jonghyun’s lips met Key’s, moving slowly in a wet, sloppy dance.

Normally, they were really shy when it came to talk about sex, so they didn’t even touch on the subject with their friends but…alone in their room, locked away from everyone, they could be two sex-addicted beasts.

Key grunted when he felt Jonghyun start to pull out of him and let his nails dig slightly on his back. “No yet…”

Jonghyun blinked in surprise and let out a huge grin. “You like it that much?”

Key blushed hard and looked away, suddenly feeling like a huge pervert. “It…it feels weird when you pull out.” He said in a low voice.

“How weird?” Jonghyun smiled, moving the blonde bangs out of his lover’s face.

“It feels…empty.” Key muttered, ashamed of his own answer.

Jonghyun felt the words go straight to his dick, still engulfed by Key’s tight heated walls. He couldn’t wait too much though, or he would get turned on again. “Okay then..”

“Aigo… you’re heavy.” Key complained, pinning the singer on the tub, climbing on top of him carefully so Jonghyun’s member didn’t slide out of him in the process.

The older boy groaned, holding the younger by the waist. “Key…if you move like that..!”

“I didn’t hear you complaining 5 minutes ago.” The rapper smirked, making himself comfortable on his boyfriend’s chest.

“You’ll get me hard again.” Jonghyun whimpered, feeling his cock twitch inside Key.

“I’m too tired for that.” Key warned him, amused by how easy it was to tease his boyfriend.

“Then let me pull out, you’re too tight.” The singer bit his lip.

“Isn’t that usually a good thing..?” Key smirked, moving his body on purpose, feeling the member inside start to harden.

The singer gasped, making Key laugh. “Keeeyyy!”

“Alright, alright, stop whining.” Key giggled and slowly started to stand up, feeling his lover’s member slip out, leaving him a feeling of emptiness inside. “…Ahhrh..”

The blonde was about to sit on the other end of the tub when he felt something cold on his thigh. “Ah shit…”

“What..?” Jonghyun stared in confusion as the rapper brought one hand to his ass.

“I think it’s coming out.” Key murmured, his cheeks warming up. Normally he would leave to the bathroom to clean himself after sex but…they were already in the bathroom. He didn’t want Jonghyun to see him like that. “Leave. I need to clean up.”

“Eh? Let me see.” Jonghyun stood up and pressed Key against the end of the tub, ass in the air.

“YAH! What are you doing?” Key screamed, feeling his face burn in embarrassment. “Stop it you creep!”

Jonghyun ignored his lover’s shouts and spread his ass cheeks to have a better look. White milky cum was running out from his pink opening, slowly dripping down to his thigh and to the water. “Eeehh.. You need to take it out, right?”

“Stop staring!” Key cried out, trying to set himself free from his boyfriend’s grip, struggling. God, this was too embarrassing!!!

“Whoa…I came a lot…” The singer muttered, poking his finger against the opening, watching it easily slip inside.

Key gasped, his face redder than blood. “Ah! Wha- what are you doing?!”

“I’m cleaning you.” Jonghyun smiled, holding Key in place with one hand while his finger curled inside the blonde, trying to remove his cum out of him.

“I can do it myself!” Key kept protesting, biting his lower lip. This felt different when he was the one doing it; it didn’t felt so…good.

“I love to help.” Jonghyun grinned, chuckling.

“I hate you!”


Key woke up the next morning feeling weird.

Really weird.

The blonde opened his eyes to see Jonghyun sleeping by his side, snoring very lightly. He raised his head from the other’s chest that he had been using as a pillow and something on his stomach swirled inside.

Key’s eyes widened and he slapped a hand against his mouth, covering it, threw Jonghyun’s arm away from his waist and ran to the bathroom.

What the hell?!

Key kneeled over the toilet and emptied the contents of his stomach quite loudly.

Ten seconds later Jonghyun was by his side, rubbing his back. “Easy, easy love…”

Key groaned, feeling incredibly nauseous and panted quietly, calming down at the sound of the male’s voice.

What in hell…

Was he sick?

“Are you feeling okay? What’s wrong?” Jonghyun asked, his puppy eyes wide open in worry as Key walked to the sink to wash his mouth and face.

The blonde grabbed a towel and cleaned his face on it, whimpering. “I don’t know…”

The shorter boy wrapped his arms around Key’s thin body and pressed him closer to him, feeling the other’s arms return the hug.

Key rested his head on the singer’s shoulder, feeling dizzy. “Maybe it was something I ate yesterday…”

“Are you sure? Do you want me to call the doctor?” Jonghyun rubbed his back tenderly.

Key smiled at the visible worry on his lover’s voice and pecked his cheek. “Don’t, I’m okay.”

Jonghyun frowned, not convinced at all. “Are you sure?”

“Babo, stop worrying. I’m feeling better. Honestly.” Key smiled, telling the truth. He was actually feeling better; it had to be something he had eaten for sure.

“If you say so…”

“Wash your face; I’m going to make breakfast.” Key slapped the singer’s ass and walked out to the kitchen.


This was it. This was his chance.

Hearing that Jonghyun was in Seoul already, their manager called him asking for the shorter boy to meet his side band SM Ballad in the SM Studios.

Key told him not to worry, that he would spend the afternoon in the mall with Amber. Lies.

The blonde kissed his lover goodbye and waited five minutes before grabbing his car keys and rushing down himself.

Sitting on the driver’s seat, Key took a good look at his grandmother’s message. Doctor Jung Dongwook. He turned on the GPS and wrote the address that he was given on it. There.

The destination was located on the other end of the city so it would take him at least half an hour to reach it.

Sighing, the blonde idol put on his dark sunglasses and drove off.

Thirty minutes later, Key pulled over and glanced at the decaying building in front of him.

He was worried now, he didn’t know this town and it looked very…very poor. He saw people start to crowd around his car and gulped. Maybe he got it wrong; this didn’t look like a doctor’s residence, let alone a clinic.

“Are you lost my boy?”

Key jumped in surprise, looking at a very old woman that was practically shoving her dirty nose on his car’s window. He needed to find this doctor yes, but more than that, ne needed to get out of there! He was staring to get really scared as more people came to see the only expensive looking thing in that town, his car.

“Arh…I’m looking…I’m looking for Doctor Jung Dongwook.”Key decided to try his luck, lowing his window’s glass only a tiny bit so his voice could be heard.

The woman’s eyes widened and she let out a toothless grin, making Key wince at the look. “Oh yes! Yes! Doctor Jung used to live here!”

Key frowned. “Used? Can you tell me where he is now?”

“I can tell you. For the right price…” The old woman grinned again, eyeing his car with shining wrinkled eyes.

Key froze, his hands holding tight to the steering wheel, ready to drive off at anytime. This woman wanted him to pay for information?!

“Grandma! Stop fooling strangers!” A teenage girl rushed from inside the crowd and grabbed on the old woman’s arm. “I’m sorry mister.”

“It’s okay…” Key noticed the girl’s rotten clothes. This people was so poor it gave him chills… Right now he felt bad for having so much money and spend it on jewelry and clothes.

The girl ignored her grandmother’s shouts and looked at him with a small smile. “You’re looking for Doctor Jung right? He moved out two years ago to open a new clinic. I’ll give you the address if you need it.”

“Oh, thank you so much!” Key grinned, bowing his head. He was still in luck!

“Dou you have a pen and paper?” The girl smiled shyly.

“Ah yes!” Key blushed and rushed to find something on his bag. He shouldn’t expect the poor girl to have a paper and pen with her. He took a notebook and his pink lollipop shaped pen and gave it to the girl by the window. “Here.”

The girl eyed then pen like it was her first time seeing such a thing and started to write slowly, biting her lower lip. She smiled and gave him the notebook again, bowing. “There you have it. I’m sorry for my grandmother again, I’m so ashamed.”

Key looked at the address and blinked, trying to understand the crappy handwriting. Eh? It wasn’t that far…

He smiled kindly to the girl. “Don’t worry, you were a great help. Keep the pen, you seemed to like it. Thank you again.”

The girl grinned and hugged the lollipop pen to her chest. “Really? Thank you sir!”

Key smiled again and drove off.


Fifteen minutes later, Key found the place. The clinic wasn’t that big, but it looked decent and he pulled over, parking the car right in front of the building.

Taking a deep breath, he hoped not to be recognized and took out his sunglasses as he entered the clinic.

He walked to the secretary and bowed, suddenly not knowing what to do, what to say. “I…I need to see Doctor Jung please.”

“We all do sweetheart. Do you have an appointment?” The secretary asked in a bored voice, chewing on a bubblegum.

Damn. “No I don’t, I just need to talk to him..”

“I’m sorry love, we don’t exactly chitchat, we work.” The woman sighed, her eyes never leaving the computer’s screen.

Key felt his patience run out. He needed to see that doctor on that day! He couldn’t wait for another chance to sneak out! “Please! Tell him that Kim Kibum needs to talk to him urgently. It’s important.”

The woman rolled her eyes. “Look honey-”

“Kim Kibum?” A male voice asked behind him.

Key turned around to find a middle aged man in a white coat with a surprised expression on his face. “Nawoon’s grandson?”

Key’s eyes widened. “Yes. I’m Kibum.”


this is Minjee:

and this is the doctor:

AN: I made this in a hurry before work so ANY MISTAKES U FIND, THEY'RE MINE!!!! Dont take them! They're miiiiine! >:O
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Já li o primeiro capitulo e adorei <3 heeh amanha leio o segundo! PARABÉNS ^^
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ehhh thanks ^^
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só pa dixer k kem kiser continuar a ler venha AQUI
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não vais postar mais aqui?»
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Razzle escreveu:
não vais postar mais aqui?»
opa axo k nao.
nao vale a pena o trabalho --'
ao menos no outro site recebo logo os comentários todos lol aki so tenho...3 pexoas a ler? lol
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Ok, então eu continuo a ler lá, mas espero que não seja preciso estar registada LOL

ah mas tipo, agora somos 3, a fic vai ficar aqui de qualquer maneira, deve ler mais gente ^^
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Two in a Million (sequela de Drunken Desires)
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